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  2. Robert: no idea what that movie reference is. There are plenty of popular movies I haven't seen, though.
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  4. Robert. Thank you for your help. Pardon me, I missed the invite to live answers, I was working on the short its for. I tried it in Photoshop because, when I opened the sequence in TVpaint, which does use alpha channels to layer composits, it appeared to be black and not transparent. Will try it in After Effects tomorrow to see how that gets on with it? Thank you. regrds simon
  5. Another shot of full-size clay models in the GM studio, 1956...
  6. If you want to come by Live Answer Time in a coup[e hours this would be interesting to look at.
  7. The TGA has a proper alpha channel. When i put it over another image in a compositing app, it appears to appropriately mask the black background. Tell me more about why you are putting these in Photoshop, which is not a video compositing app.
  8. Robert Apologies for delay, I have a large render going through of the full scene, taking 18mins per frame.Rendering at UHD because I want the larger file siz to work on afterwards. Here are the files and a screenshot of the settings used in the render options. as you can see, the tga file is viewable but, the same frame rendered as a png file, is scrambled. Both file formats were visible when viewed in the render window in AM as the render went through, but Photoshop could not read the png file when I tried to use that to view it.. Thank you for your help. regards simon TLC S2 0000.tga
  9. Another Live Answer Time Saturday Noon CDT May 25, 2019 May 25 is the 216th Birthday of Edward Bulwer-Lyton, famous for beginning his novel Paul Clifford with... "It was a dark and stormy night..."
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  11. As soon as you can! It's just one TGA. Why wait? Just post it here. In a TGA there is no such thing as a transparent background. There will always be some value in the RGB channels (probably 0,0,0). The alpha channel will male it transparent in the video editing/compositing program you are using. Why bring it into Photoshop at all? If you bring this to Live Answer Time tomorrow we could make sure we are talking about the same thing and solve this in five minutes.
  12. Robert Thank you for your reply and offer of help. I'll send a copy of the files tomorrow if thats OK?. I've found a work around in Photoshop using Droplets to do the grunt work. Its getting late here and the the land of nod beckons. regards simon
  13. Could you send me one of the unedited TGAs? Transparency in PNG and TGA appear differently in Photoshop.
  14. As mentioned elsewhere, have been having a lot of tech troubles recently, had thought they were behind me now and to get on with something new(ish) but have hit a problem with alpha channels in TGA files. First a bit of background. I'm working in V18 within OSX 10:8.5. on a Mac mini, I7, 2.3ghz with 4Gb of Ram. Just rendered two scenes to TGA with the figure set against an empty background ( ready for compositing later ). All was well until I opened them in Photoshop, to find that the background had rendered as black rather than transparent. When selecting the background and deleting it, the Alpha transparency is there but, ideally, don't wish to do that for 1000+ frames. Is there a setting I could easily have missed that might cause this problem ? Thank you for listening simon ps Initially the files were rendered to png's but, V18, OSX 10:8.5, produced incorrectly parsed files. Although they looked correctly rendered when they were going through, when opened afterwards in PS The files were a corrupted incoherent jumble of pixels and PS flagged the message, "cannot open the file because it is incorrectly parsed.' This problem had occured before but, rendering on a different machine/OSX solved it. Unfortunately that option is no longer available due to the recent troubles. Any suggestions as to how it might be possible to fix this would be very welcome. The prospect of manually removing 1000+ frames backgrounds is not a happy one!
  15. Since there are some people on here that have a casual or not-so casual interest in the nuts and bolts of CG, I thought I would post this Computer Graphics bundle from Humble Bundle. There are several good books in the bundle, easily worth the $15 price to get all of them: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/computer-graphics-crc-press-books?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_5
  16. When i try to post a link from the A:M forum to a PM in Facebook it gets this...
  17. I was hard pressed to find any decent 3D game at https://godotengine.org/showcase. I wonder if the engine is even suitable for anything other than feature demos.
  18. Well, one year and four months earlier but who is counting. The guy that I followed to Godot links is Jeremy Bullock (Turtletooth) who is a teacher and programmer. He burnt himself out on Opentoonz development and headed to the territory of open source gaming to recharge his batteries. Jeremy has some video tutorials dedicated to Godot on youtube worth checking out. His is a four part series with an additional video addressing questions raised from viewers. This is Part 1: Good luck in your exploration Matt!
  19. I use an i5 intel laptop here with built in video and the only issue I have is if I use any desktop scaling as it will make moving pallets look offset until you let go. The OpenGL on them is pretty good now and only drawback seems to be the shared memory.
  20. Here comes 'JohnnyBigboote comes lately'... always the last one to the party. I had stumbled upon Godot in my searches and have been wowwed by it, and yes- a LOT of people are looking into using it as it is extremely lightweight (25mb) and uses its own proprietary GDscript programming language which is (said to be- as programming languages go...) rather quick to get up and running with. One thing I got snagged on- being free and user-programmed like Blender they stay away from formats that cost money to implement... so the FBX file format is not supported- BUT(!there's always a big BUT in bigboot-land!) it does support the COLLADA file format(.dae) which we can get to similarly to Gerald's '.X to Unity' method. That method employs using the .X file format from A:M(you save your model as a .X file and then attach your actions to that model's .X file additively so 1 .X model can have several actions within it.)Then, using Ultimate Unwrap- you would 'Save-As' a collada file which Godot can import... I am learning. Good snag, Rodney! I was just coming to the forum to see if Godot had crossed anyone's radar and there you are 4 months earlier! MY goal... wouldn't it be great to have your A:M animated character 'live' within a beautifully-rendering game engine? How about an entire scene complete with dynamics and physics? It's where I thought we were heading 15 years ago with Arctic Pigs.(alright... HA:MR) Here is a WONDERFUL 'getting started' 2 part series to get your feet whet in Godot:
  21. I'm impressed. That also has an Atom CPU Which I wasn't sure would even work.
  22. The GPU is a Baytrail from what I can tell The tablet is an Asus Vivotab Note 8 with the OS updated Windows 10. It's not a powerhouse by any means but I can run office on it and photoshop as I mentioned. I've got it connected to a Zagg Autofit Keyboard and a USB hub so I can hook up a mouse. I've also set up a Playstation Move Navigation Controller paired with a program called Xpadder that lets you assign keys to the buttons on the pad which gives me a 12 button shortcut controller. So far A:M seems to be fine with rotoscopes, haven't tested any image sequences yet. Rendering is pretty quick on less demanding models. All I really want to be able to do with it is transfer whatever model I'm working on to it and work on them while I'll watching telly on an evening.
  23. See how it does with things like rotoscopes and image sequences. Do you know what Intel graphics chip you have?
  24. Just did 😁, testing now. Early impressions are that it works and am surprised to see that pinch zooming is supported.
  25. Check your mail again ;). Best regards *Fuchur*
  26. I put in a trial request, sent off my host id etc, a few days ago but haven't heard back. I've bought a Windows tablet with a Wacom Digitizer for drawing and working on when I'm not at my main computer. Photoshop works great on it and I've seen a video of somebody using Z-Brush on it but I know A:M doesn't always play nice with Intel onboard graphics and want to test it before I get a license. I'm gonna be on a plane for 7 hours this coming Saturday so was hoping to tool around on A:M during the flight.
  27. I got it to come back, but on a different line. It happens when i delete a comment line I had at the red X and another later in the program. If I wait awhile it will go away on its own. It's a minor blip, you don't have to spend time on it. But it is odd.
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