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OBJ Sequence Export

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Hey You Guys,

I need to export a short obj sequence. There was a way in the past, but I seem to have forgotten how.

I exported each frame as an obj, but every obj has the same mesh shape. There are no differences.

So I need to figure out how to export a short animation with each frame as a seperate obj.

Anyone know how this is done?

Thanks,    Detbear

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I have been searching for a way for Export Options in the last three versions.
It seems as if the 

"all in one" - "single models" - and "single models in one object"
is disapeared.





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Thanks for your answer, Robcat.
Not sure if I understand.

I gave screens I receive on the commen way to export obj files.
None of them have the possibility to choose the obj export you show me.
Version v16 v18 v19, all show a screen without this export ocasion.



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  • Hash Fellow

If I invoke the export plugin from a model, that choice won't appear because there can only one model to export from a model.

If i invoke that export plugin from a Choreography ( RMB on the Chor in the PWS), that choice does appear because there can be many models in a Chor.


Likewise for the choice to "Export all frames"; it is only relevant in a Chor.

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Ah! It becomes clear to me.

I had the assumption that it ment all actions of the model in one model.obj .
And I was working in the action editor.

So it is impossible to have several *.obj in one obj.file.

Thanks for explaining the reason.


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