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19.5 update


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  • Hash Fellow
34 minutes ago, Madfox said:

Turning the variabels on parameters gives me weird effect.
It doesn't line up, it just jumps away.

I'm not sure what you mean.

When I press the tiny buttons, the value increments/decrements by 0.1.

I rarely use that.

If I click and drag left/right on a value it will increment/decrement by 1.0

If I SHIFT-click and drag left/right on a value it will increment/decrement by 10.0



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  • Hash Fellow
25 minutes ago, Tom said:

Is AM V19.5b the most up to date version available? ( I am not referring to any versions still in Beta.)

Yes, it is the latest official release.

I keep v19.0 installed for when I run into a problem that is peculiar to v19.5.

If you find something that doesn't work in v19.5 try it in v19.0 and let us know either way.

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I have been using v19 regularly because V19.5 crashes when I try rendering anything. I believe I sent you the specific files related to the crashing a while back and I think you passed them on to the programmer.


I was just checking to see whether any changes had been implemented yet.



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