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Mac v19 polygon import (not prop) issue


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Hello All,

This is probably easy for most, but I haven't done this on the Mac version for a while.

It's always consistent on the PC version

How do I import a DXF, 3DS, or OBJ in the modeling window in v19? I need to make MDL files. I've already decimated them with MeshMixer to make them less dense.
On the PC it's always the same way - r-click in the modeling window, choose plugins -> import -> and the model type   ...easy as pie

On the Mac version there is no plugin choice in the r-click menu of a model or the choreography. All I get is the standard import sub-menu.

In the old days it was a 3rd party plugin that you had to download and place in the plugins HXT folder.

What is going on now? See pics attached. Thanks!


On a side note several different OBJs have also caused an error when trying to use them as a prop. Not sure if it's just my setup or a known problem with v19 on the Mac. They open fine in MeshLab and MeshMixer so the files are good.

I even re-saved the OBJs in different programs and no change.
See attached pic of the error. It happened in 19.0F and 19.0L.

Win model plugins import menu.jpg

Mac chor menu.png

Mac model menu.png

obj prop import error.png

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Thanks I'll try another version.
Having it all in one version or at least platform is easier unless I'm running Parallels, VMWare, or Bootcamp on the Mac. Not always feasible as the VMs are fairly CPU intensive and Bootcamp is just Windows running on a Mac (no Mac multitasking), depends what else I'm working on.
Sadly the PC version of AM has been superior for a long time, but I need to do certain things from my Mac once in a while and it's nice to stay there in the moment.
I work with PCs/servers for a living and too much hardware multitasking at home feels like work.

The prop issue sucks though.

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So the prop import works in Mac v15, maybe later, but not v19.
If I save the Mac v15 project and open in v19 the prop is omitted with an error.
So if I want to use any new features in an animation and a prop it's SOL until the version is fixed if possible. Again I am forced to use Windows for all AM stuff if I want complete functionality. I don't know how Largento deals with this unless he just sticks to the basics with AM on the Mac. His work is excellent and feature filled nonetheless.

I would be more upset if I were a Mac-only user and wanted to use the latest version and features for which I paid. Now I'm just disappointed.
I don't have time to remake all of my botanically accurate trees and herbs in splines from Tree Pro or Plant Studio or to "retopologize" all of them, so they need to be props.


Getting back to the first issue, the menu is there in Mac v.15 for importing polygon models, just not in v.19. Perhaps that will be fixed as it's a long-standing useful feature.

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But you said you didn't want it as a prop, you said you wanted to import into a model, to convert it to splines. You can't do that in v15?

(I'm doubtful that Mark was doing much polygon importing at all for his work.)

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I never had a lot of success with importing polygon models. I do think the Prop thing worked at the time, but I didn't make use of that. The imports almost always came in looking like an exploded bowl of spaghetti. :-)

It's been a couple of years since I used AM, but I was able to make use of the OBJ exporter in v19, so at least that must've been present at the time. 

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Guest KingVidiot

Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Steffen, I will send you the log file.

As you know I'm not trying to be unreasonable, just curious what happened as things worked differently in past versions. I know it's tough to update software for new features on new OSes and keep old features all the time. I used to work at Apple in QA on the old Aperture photo software. It was interesting to say the least.

Hey Mark, I recently saw your interview on the Star Trek Axanar YT channel.
Good stuff. :-) 


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