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So my Hash, Inc. email sent out some emails to like 50 people or so. They were not sent using IMAP so I can not track down everyone it was sent to. But this has nothing to do with security with Hash, Inc. or our mail server this was 100% user error. That email account has had the same password for YEARS AND YEARS I know better and it was not super secure at all because when I set it, you had to remember your password yourself.(see that sounds like a good excuse right?)

I have updated my password and it's now secure. I'm sorry about this and I should have known better,

This maybe Kama for all the times I made fun of Martin for picking a bad password, then when that password was found just adding 1 to it..


Sorry again sorry, and do not open that link.

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I had received the tainted email and my gut told me not to open the zip file. I wrote back to Jason to find out the circumstances and after reading his post, I am glad it is all sorted out.

You can't be too careful with all the viruses floating around ( both biological and digital).


Hang in there Jason!


Tom C.

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