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The last three weeks has placed me in a funk that has been difficult to get out.  WE are bombarded every day with bad news after bad news.  In the last week I have decided that I will break out of this funk.   One thing I have always done when I am down is to create something.  Weather it is art work, models, model railroad, wood working items or even something with AM, it allows me to focus on what every I am doing and get away from all the news.  


We received some good news this week as our tests came back negative.  Even though we have been sick the news lifted our spirits.  


I decided to create a character that has a "Jay Leno Chin".  I wanted the character to be one that was once in good shape but has let himself go a little.  One whose upper body was bigger than the larger for design style and the face is happy but that has some features that will allow for "large" facial expressions.  I really wanted to concentrate on the shoulder area as I have always had issues on deformation.  I decided to model the character with the arms extended down in the first position to see to rotation.  Most of the character design wishes I had in my head are coming out.  I still have a few things to tweak, but I am happy so far with the results.


Anyway here is the New Guy





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Here it is 10 days later and work has been full blown.  In fact, I just stopped working about 1 hour ago.  So i thought it was time to back with the new guy.  Here is a shot of the render front and side.  I have done some polishing of the mesh. and started rigging just a few minutes ago.


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