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Smoke project

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Hi guys!

I hope you're all doing well.....

Can someone please post a complete (simple) smoke project (incl. all files embedded). I can't find one anywhere. That would be nice.

Or can the extras dvd be downloaded somewhere?




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17 hours ago, robcat2075 said:

What kind of smoke?

Hi robert!

Okay, here you go: Imagine a Virus (big as a human) EATING a human and then slowly farting him out. Maybe greenish or so. More gas than smoke.

You asked!

Greetings, stay safe!

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When I was a boy, you couldn't say, "green fart, more gas than smoke," on the internet.

  • The Material on the emitter puts out many, very large, 99% transparent, green "streak" particles
  • The Force in the chor makes them waft upward
  • The turbulence on the Force makes the wafting motion more random
  • the Emission rate of the particles is keyframed in the Chor to vary the flow

There are many possible variations on the settings for different looks


GreenGas001.pre(render settings for above PRJ)

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