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Versions I & J can't load Enhance AM atx & trb

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I'm moving this topic to WIP since I don't have access to the Animation Master forum.

To reiterate; 

I've very lax in loading the latest versions and have been using 19.0e since it came out. I just installed 19.0j and upon starting AM got the error message:"Unable to load plugin" (followed by a sequential list of all the .atx and .trb files I bought from Enhance:AM) "The specified procedure could not be found". I made sure this version was looking in the correct folder.I loaded v19.0i and got the same result. I don't have ver.g or ver.h but ver.f had no problem loading them. However ver.f has a decal application crash and this is the only version that's available on the FTP, I couldn't find version f1. So I'm back to ver.e.

Looking at the fixes for ver.g I see that the SDK was changed so all plug-ins need to be recompiled which explains why Enhance:AM combiners cause trouble. I'm curious as to why this was necessary.  It's not like any 3rd party writing software even cares about A:M let alone recompiling something for it. By the way, you can delete the link to Enhance:AM on the 3rd party software section of the Hash website since it's dead; so no recompiling.

My apologies for sounding ticked off but this new feature has made many hundreds of my materials useless. I hope the new SDK was worth it.


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To the best of my recollection there was no installation .exe for Enhance:AM. All I got were zip files containing .trb and .atx files; one of each is attached in case you can find a way to make these compatible with the new SDK.

Speaking of the SDK I'm curious why a change was mandatory. Is it getting increasingly more difficult to keep A:M's code up to date? Can you foresee a time when the tools to keep A:M running just aren't available and A:M will be truly dead as a Windows program?

EnhanceAM_Dirt_64.atx EnhanceAM_BlisterCombiner_64.trb

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