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Moving to the new server


So right now it's not going well on the server move. The top 2 problems(right now) are the store and the forums. The store will be moving to OpenCart but right now I'm working on the forums. The forums can not be updated on the old server, or the new sever. I have set up a server environment to get the update working. But the test environment is on my personal network and the forums even compressed is over 45GB with 10mb/s up load MAX that that takes some time and in most cases my sustained upload is 1MB/s this is going to take some time to get working and tested. I will try to let people know when the forums are going to go down or be offline.



Jason Simonds


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Feel free to delete my old posts to cut down on file size! Those would be all RU2D4, AZ3, and DZ4 posts and topics started. Like I never posted...



That will have not effect on the load. we are at over 48gb compressed. For just the forums.

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So try 2 did not work on moving the forums. I'm going to email support(It makes me sick to type that haha) and see if there is a way to just move posts and data/uploads to the new forums. Over the years and some of the add-ons that we do not use before have caused problems before and I think that is what is going on. It maybe as easy as just turning off a few things. But at this time I think it's bests for a fresh start. There is so much stuff in the forums move that just keeps following move after move. But that is for a later time..

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