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How to use a random expression to get smoother and less dense graphics? sharp curves and smoothed

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It could be working with something like this "Round(Rand() / 10) * 100", if I am not wrong. Like that it would toggle more or less between two values with a more steady value.

I did not test it, but Round should be a good starting point.


Best regards


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Thank you very much, Robert!


Years of torture with a random expression completed ))


Funny)) - I randomized the time with the same parameter - and it works!




R = R1 = R2 = ..|..|..|..|Shortcut to Model1.Transform.Translate.Y

(random change channel)

R1 - random time

R2 - random amplitude



AtFrame(Round(GetFrame(),..|..|..|..|Shortcut to Model1.Transform.Translate.Y),..|..|..|..|Shortcut to Model1.Transform.Translate.Y)


But of course I would like more flexible use of random expression in real time (without pre-baking).


Thanks all!

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