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Installers: Change Log
  • Fixed All  - 6808:  Backup not saving current state of PRJ
  • Fixed All  - 6807:  Crash when starting to render this (benchmark) project
  • Fixed All  - 6805:  Extruder Wizard crash additional change for Extruder Wizard if the spline for "Path to extrude along" is looped and Method is "Extrude" the created segments are connected as loop, if the Checkbox "Extrusion looped" is "ON" too
  • Fixed All  - 6793:  Unable to Select Control Points in Curve Editor
  • Fixed All  - 6794:  Copy/Paste not copying decals
  • Fixed All  - 6745:  Zbuffer Shadow Only does not render correctly when penumbra on
  • Fixed All  - 6744:  Feature Save before Render
  • New All  - 6804:  Feature suggestion: user defineable grid highlight interval defineable for Model, Action and Chorview seperat
  • Fixed All  - 6795:  Render ignores plugin shaders
  • Fixed All  - 6802:  Simcloth simulations much slower
  • Fixed All  - 6803:  Choosing wrong menu causes crash(plugin related)
  • Changed AllSimcloth
    • "Customgroups" now only editable in material instances makes no sense to edit the cache self
    • new propertie "Remove previous simulation Data" Deletes the simulation data from previous Simulation. Setting it to "OFF" is helpful, when the cloth objecthas many cp's. Default is "ON"
I know that v19.0a was missed but all the updates are included in v19.0b
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  • Admin
The Windows 32Bit download seems messed up. I'm just getting a 1.19 KB file for AM_32BIT.exe.


Yes, confirmed that something is definitely wrong there.




And... I confirm that the 64bit release is working well.

It is so very good to have 6793 corrected. That feels so good to have back. :)

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