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  1. when I start AM I get request for activation Key I don't have

  2. I applied for a trial version. I got it for the 64 Windows OS. I installed it, and a little window opened up when I started it up after install, and it asked for the activation code. all i had was stuff in the license or .lic file. It didn't like that. It says to write to you to get code What does give ? here is data from .lic file: master0-OLD.lic LICENSE hashinc master 19.0 11-nov-2017 uncounted hostid=0018f82eaaf5 _ck=0b31fc6328 sig="60P0452E3QJ0DVRAJQXQ1UUCAM0G2D1BN23R0F822H5QHH4EKFVPHUW10SYRU1U94F8QTEPBT4" Any Bells ?
  3. This Link is dead: 3DPainter. A brief introduction on using 3DPainter with A:M where and what is 3DPainter ?
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