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unfinished halloween short


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Well, I tried. A few weeks ago I dug up from my backup disk a halloween short that I had done 13 years ago. I thought I would simply re-render it, have my youngest write a quick soundtrack, and have a short done for this halloween. Of course, as soon as I looked at the chors I thought, "Heck I can improve on this!"


What I intended to do was start off with the typical spooky scene of a cemetery, then have, off screen, two voices swapping silly halloween jokes. Cut to two talking statue busts (think the Haunted Mansion) cracking jokes and being an overall rowdy duo. Then cut back to the cemetery with a closeup of a tombstone, where a skeleton is breaking out of the ground, his repose interrupted by the rowdy duo. He climbs from the grave, grabs a jack-o-lantern and chucks it at the jokers, whereby he can go back to his eternal rest.


Didn't get it all done. What I do have rendered off is below.






One of the talking statues...




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