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Insect Image Contest Vote Closed! Stand by...

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Do your patch-riotic :facepalm: duty and vote in the Insect Image Contest!


Right here...


(vote now closed)


Can't pick just one image you like? No problem, you have to pick three!


Note that there is a tiny check box to the right of each image to make your selections with.


Anyone can vote, even your grandmother who doesn't like bugs, as long as she has her own computer to vote on.

Voting will be open through Monday August 24!

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When should we expect the votes to be tallied?


I just got the results, minutes ago!


Now I need to make the video to reveal the results and do the big scratch-off.

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You can get an HD camcorder for $25? I guess image sensors have gotten really really cheap.



Clearance item, not-a-known-brand, no zoom, lousy mic... but it was a camera and it recorded to Quicktime which made life simple.


I went up to Microcenter yesterday to find the new camera. It was in a locked case so I had to wait 20+ minutes for a sales guy to finish to upselling some clueless dad-type on an extended warranty and virus protection and a new printer and whatever... before he could get to me. :facepalm:


Then I spent the rest of yesterday figuring out how to get a usable file format out of it.


I think it will be going back to the pound.

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I'm on my break and thought I'd check in...any luck with the new camera?


Yes! I finally got the big scratch on camera yesterday.


I'm editing some intros and outros and other essential bits and I'm sure it will all be ready well before the end of the year!



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  • 2 weeks later...

On the camera front... Microcenter did take it back for a full refund! :yay:


I saw the clerk slap a new "Open Box" sticker on it (it had two already) for yet another $20 price reduction.


It's fatal downfall for me was that it recorded in .mts format. There are utilities that claim to be able to "re-wrap" mts files into quicktime without having to re-encode it all but none of them worked on the files from this camera.


Now I need to research an HD camcorder that is more suitable for my needs and budget.

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