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OK here is some concept art and synopsis for the next episode of TAR of Zandoria





A group of wildebeests are on the side of the river. A boat is there. The leader of the group hands TAR a bag of coins, as the wildebeests all climb into the boat.

TAR wades across the river, pulling the boat with one hand. The wildebeests look nervously about. There is an "aquarium" style shot, so that we can see above the surface of the river and below it at the same time.

Crocodile warriors rise up out of the water around TAR. One of them plucks a momma wildebeest out of the boat, while TAR is fighting with two others on the other side. The wildebeest passengers are in a panic.

TAR kills the two crocs that he is fighting. All the Splashing and thrashing about ends and the water becomes murky with blood. The passengers are still looking about, agitated and afraid.

TAR hauls the boat onto the shore of the opposite bank of the river,and the wildebeests scramble out.

The wildebeest leader is angry. Waving his hands around, points at the water, the boat, and the orphaned child (who is crying for his momma). TAR looks back at the water and realizes that one of the passengers is missing.

He reaches into his pouch and takes out one coin. He shrugs his shoulders and give the refund to the wildebeest. TAR returns to the boat, collecting his gear, while the wildebeest travelers walk off, continuing on their way.



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  • Admin

Nice and concise. I like.... and I especially like the short episode format you've got going.


Not that such a description equates to how easy it will be to produce it. ;)

Time to R&D some water effects.

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  • Admin

I don't know if I should post this here. Please feel free to move it as necessary.


Some of the imagery was pretty vivid from your description and while the end product isn't anywhere near where I first imagined it I figure it might be worth posting.

Somewhat unfortunately, an actual rendering of this scene turns out to be muck... so here's a screen capture. I think the issue is the negative light that I used to get the blood effect in the water. Gah! It was user error. I somehow animated settings and so the initial frames where muck but the frame I was on was fine. The final render (of the same frame) looks almost exactly like the screen capture. Always... always... always... rule out user error.


(Moon is courtesy of a link just posted by our favorite Tinkering Gnome)

The Crossing.png

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Tar looks awesome and the Croc's are going to be great bad guy's, I can see them swimming through the water like the aliens appearing out of the dark murky deeps. Camera drops down to Tar's feet on the river bed, as his foot lifts the Croc's are revealed :) The short episode style is great, easy to story board and lock down your story points. But your adding water and splashing to the blood n gut,wow your a keen man. I guess solving your water look/style now is a good idea,then its in the quiver for later episode's. I'm liking this project a lot your drawing's really sell this story, who doesn't like rampaging hippo's

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