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Change Log
  • Fixed All

    [bug]6585[/bug] Crash when change group order.

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6562[/bug] SSS and Average Normals don't appear to work together.

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6584[/bug] CP Weight does not work.

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6583[/bug] Render crash by the pose sliders.

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6572[/bug] hover text for bone draw mode

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6587[/bug] Renderserver: Cannot access selected output directory! error

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6573[/bug] Render or Netrender hangs on specific FRAMES

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6580[/bug] Model Window's Background color is set to (0,0,0)

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6564[/bug] impossible to select (Lasso line mode)

    - new all

    [bug]6581[/bug] Please add output image with alpha unpremultiply format settings Added new setting "Save with unpremultiplied alpha" to the output properties page, default value is "Off"

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6586[/bug] Renderserver: "Unable to save outoput path" error and saved files are highly fragmented

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6594[/bug] The GPU memory total amount RenderSlave uses is too big. It' configurable for each render job .Default value for GPU and OpenMP using is off, it can be changed on the first page from the job wizard (renderserver) The configuration is render job dependant and has precendence over the gpu settings on the render options page.

  • Changed All

    OpenMP In the global properties page is now a combobox , where You can select the number of threads which OpenMP should use or disable OpenMP.

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  • Admin

Nice. I wasn't expecting another release so soon.

Things are running nice and snappy/fast here. :)


I don't know if it's intentional but when the render lock button is down I get a slight interuption on screen when modeling. Turning it off makes it go away.

This is great because I tend to forget to turn that off and leaving it down has caused problems for me in the past.

Now I have a visual reminder to turn it off.

I likey. :)



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  • Developer

With the simultaneous launch of the previous version I have displayed SSE3

(PC I7-860, WIN8.1, GTX-295)


Please open a report and attach there Your master.log file .The SSE4 version is only installed , if Your Cpu has AVX support . But a I7 should have this . Have you selected "Install AVX version" in the setup (page4)?

Your cpu doesn't support the AVX instruction set , thatswhy the SSE3 version is installed , I have upgraded silent from SSE4.2 to AVX for the fastest A:M version ....



A changed version, where SSE4 (without AVX) included, is on the way



My provider doesn't like me :angry: , has anything against the update

04-03-2015 23-38-171.jpg

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