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Found 3 results

  1. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All [bug]6585[/bug] Crash when change group order. Fixed All [bug]6562[/bug] SSS and Average Normals don't appear to work together. Fixed All [bug]6584[/bug] CP Weight does not work. Fixed All [bug]6583[/bug] Render crash by the pose sliders. Fixed All [bug]6572[/bug] hover text for bone draw mode Fixed All [bug]6587[/bug] Renderserver: Cannot access selected output directory! error Fixed All [bug]6573[/bug] Render or Netrender hangs on specific FRAMES Fixed All [bug]6580[/bug] Model Window's Background color is set to (0,0,0) Fixed All [bug]6564[/bug] impossible to select (Lasso line mode) - new all [bug]6581[/bug] Please add output image with alpha unpremultiply format settings Added new setting "Save with unpremultiplied alpha" to the output properties page, default value is "Off" Fixed All [bug]6586[/bug] Renderserver: "Unable to save outoput path" error and saved files are highly fragmented Fixed All [bug]6594[/bug] The GPU memory total amount RenderSlave uses is too big. It' configurable for each render job .Default value for GPU and OpenMP using is off, it can be changed on the first page from the job wizard (renderserver) The configuration is render job dependant and has precendence over the gpu settings on the render options page. Changed All OpenMP In the global properties page is now a combobox , where You can select the number of threads which OpenMP should use or disable OpenMP.
  2. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All [bug]6561[/bug] transparent models are not drawn correct in shaded views Fixed All [bug]6557[/bug] Transparency is not shown correctly in workspace for OpenGL 3 Fixed All [bug]6570[/bug] multipass rendering with motionblur failed Fixed All [bug]6563[/bug] Add with Shift-Key pressed does not add a new non-continuies spline (worked in v17) Fixed All [bug]6569[/bug] Do not connect two different spline at the beginning of the connection with key-Shift pressed Fixed All [bug]6576[/bug] Crash in final render, when a group has no patches and SSS for this group is on Fixed OSX [bug]6574[/bug] Crash when loading JPEG Fixed Win32 png and exr imageio plugins are not build with the new libs (the old one are still distributed, 64bit version are not affected) Changed All switch from openexr v1x to openexr 2.2 (adresses exr and hdr imageio, read and write(only exr) now possible for the compression methds NO,RLE,ZIPS,ZIP,PIZ,PXR24,B44,B44A,DWAA,DWAB) switch from jpeg6a to jpeg9a (adresses jpg imageio) switch from lpng1237 to lpng1251 (adresses png imageio) New OSX A SSE4 version is now distributed too , the installer for this version detects if the cpu has the capabilities for this version , otherwise it doesn't install. This results in needing a secondary installation packet . To avoid to download the false packet You can look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Macintosh_models_grouped_by_CPU_type if Your mac supports sse4.2 or open a terminal and type "sysctl machdep.cpu.features" (look in the output for SSE4.2) or look in your Master.log (Avaible instruction sets)
  3. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Fixed All [bug]6544[/bug] Sprite-Particle not in Alpha Fixed All [bug]6546[/bug] alpha channel not detected for png files Fixed All [bug]6554[/bug] Bake Dynamic Systems does not work - no key frames produced Fixed All [bug]6552[/bug] simulate spring systems does not work in chor its greyed out and action does nothing Fixed All [bug]6556[/bug] Pressing Y will not part the spline even (and something deeper going on, as it seems) Fixed OSX [bug]6560[/bug] settings dialog for jpg and png not working
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