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Change Log
  • Fixed All

    [bug]6561[/bug] transparent models are not drawn correct in shaded views

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6557[/bug] Transparency is not shown correctly in workspace for OpenGL 3

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6570[/bug] multipass rendering with motionblur failed

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6563[/bug] Add with Shift-Key pressed does not add a new non-continuies spline (worked in v17)

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6569[/bug] Do not connect two different spline at the beginning of the connection with key-Shift pressed

  • Fixed All

    [bug]6576[/bug] Crash in final render, when a group has no patches and SSS for this group is on

  • Fixed OSX

    [bug]6574[/bug] Crash when loading JPEG

  • Fixed Win32

    png and exr imageio plugins are not build with the new libs (the old one are still distributed, 64bit version are not affected)

  • Changed All

    switch from openexr v1x to openexr 2.2 (adresses exr and hdr imageio, read and write(only exr) now possible for the compression methds NO,RLE,ZIPS,ZIP,PIZ,PXR24,B44,B44A,DWAA,DWAB)

    • switch from jpeg6a to jpeg9a (adresses jpg imageio)
    • switch from lpng1237 to lpng1251 (adresses png imageio)
  • New OSX

    A SSE4 version is now distributed too , the installer for this version detects if the cpu has the capabilities for this version , otherwise it doesn't install. This results in needing a secondary installation packet . To avoid to download the false packet You can look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Macintosh_models_grouped_by_CPU_type if Your mac supports sse4.2 or open a terminal and type "sysctl machdep.cpu.features" (look in the output for SSE4.2) or look in your Master.log (Avaible instruction sets)

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