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recover my copy


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I sent you a email form orders@hash.com to this FAQ. But going to post it here too. incase someone searches for this question.


We can move you to your new computer. with the steps below.



The all older installers can be found below.



The folder structure is Operating System > Year or Version Number.


Your installers will be these 2 links below.

v16.0 32bit

v16.0 64bit

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I received a new license file



I'm assuming you received a 'special/new/update' license file from Jason here...


The location you want to place your license file in is usually C:\Program Files\Hash Inc\V18.0\ (for the 64 bit version)

The location you want to place your license file in is usually C:\Program Files(x86)\Hash Inc\V18.0 (for the 32 bit version)

Place a copy of the .lic file in each of those folders/directories.


If this is license is copied into the folder correctly you shouldn't even see an activation screen.

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If you are running a current subscription I don't know why you wouldn't use the latest version (although you can run multiple versions simultaneously).

So, yes, if you have v18 licensed (or have subscribed) download the v18 installer.

If you have the perpetual/never expires license then you have to stay with v16 as that'd be the one you purchased.


It sounds to me like we are missing some important information here.


my account shows my purchase in 2011


I will now assume you purchased v16 with the perpetual license for v16. If that is the case then you'd want to dowload and install the v16 installer as that is the release/version you paid for.

If you purchased the 12 month subscription back in 2011 it's long ago expired. This latter doesn't appear to be the case because Jason probably would have seen that expiration and not sent you a file you didn't need.

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Is the master0.lic file in an email right now?


-save it to your desktop

-copy it from the desktop

-paste it into every dir that A:M is installed in. V18... v16... whatever version it is you have installed, that license file will enable it.

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