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  1. I have v16permanent uncounted. I've uninstalled and reinstalled v16 and when I try to copy and paste the new license to the hash folder v16 it simply doesn't give me the option of pasting or dropping
  2. ok, I've downloaded v16 installer. should I download the v18 installer instead?
  3. when I search it pulls up the exe file. I click on it and it pulls up the activation code window. I try my original code but it's in use. I copy the new license in there and it's bad code
  4. I did robcat. where do I access the directory file? Open up the installer?
  5. Hi, Jason. I received a new license file in an email and downloaded the v16.0 64bit installer but the activation code is stumping me.
  6. I've logged onto the store site and my account shows my purchase in 2011 but I don't see how to download the copy I had purchased
  7. Hi, everybody. been a while. I recently upgraded to win 8 and need to recover my version 16. how do I go about this? thank you
  8. Thanks, guys! He's actually a product of many years of evolution. I wish I had more time to animate but alas, bills must be paid. He and his cohorts are fully functional, move, talk, facial expressions. .. now.... time to animate.
  9. Been a while so I just wanted to say hi to everybody and wish all Good Things for the upcoming holidays! This is Robert, my latest BigHead endeavor.
  10. Right on! Thank ya Robcat! BTW...hoping for a somewhat cartoony look like the delivery truck in this pic. .
  11. Hi everybody. I sure could use a 2012 Chevy Silverado standard cab long bed white in color. Black seats, boned so wheels turn & as functional as ur time allows. Never paid for service like this before so hit me up at tomross2002@gmail.com if you think this is something you'd like to preform. We can discuss price. Oh. .. Silver painted factory wheels. .. Thanks!
  12. Ok, Thnx guys. I'll explore the conversion aspect.
  13. Hi, can models be saved in .fbx format?
  14. Hi, all. A couple snippets of my recent labors on YouTube. Secret Service gone wild 1.wmv Happy Dance .mp4 You can see that I had a little trouble controlling the left hand in happy dance and my feet are slipping through the floor slightly in a secret service.
  15. Hey, all. Another character I've been trying to bestow a personality upon. Really hard work!
  16. Hi, John. They're actually very advanced in construction. Many poses, walking, running actions. Lip sync included! The hands aren't constrained to their targets as the feet are. This may be the reason for my difficulty in controlling them. I'm very near the point of posting on YouTube.
  17. okay, great, I'm on it. Thanx, Robcat!
  18. Hi, everybody. I actually have some time off from work to animate! I have a great character modeled and it's time to really learn these constraints. I'd like to know some great tutorial resources that will help with picking up objects, surface constraints (ie. a hand not going through a table top). I'm finding it's difficult to manuever hands and arms realistically and easily. Any suggestions on specific tutorials would be great! Thomas
  19. Ok, thanks, Nancy. I'll check that post-haste!
  20. Hi guys, At some point my speedy, yet sloppy, mouse clicking caused me to lock on grid all of my control point movements and I haven't found on tools, options how to unlock...help please?
  21. I built a simple character, root bone and 2 eyes with a null for target. Wondering how to give aim at constraint in model so as to not have to apply constraint everytime in chor or action. Thanks!! Also...check out Rossproductions2012 on YouTube, see what I've been working on....
  22. Chiming in.... Very cool! Renewed vigor on my part!
  23. Made it home and your tips and advice got me going! I'm now able to use live action as rotoscopes...thanks, everyone!
  24. Ok, guys...once again, thanks. I'll try these steps when I get home. In Memphis now and its a blistering 52 degrees and sunny.. how's that for the end of January?
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