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Attention Sci-Fi Image contest entrants!

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Watch your email for a message from Hash Support so that you may get your fabulous "Wobbling Dead" DVD sent to you, wherever in the world you may be!


Sweaty loading dock guys are standing by at Mark Largent Studios International ready to ship them. Don't miss out!

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Don't be shy about getting your address in!


Your DVD is already paid for and remember... A DVD isn't truly happy until someone watches it. :)

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We are looking for the two remaining contest entrants who are NOT on this list.

Matt Campbell (John Bigboote)

Garet Gratien ( ludo_si)

Steven Grieve (blixien)

Robert Holmén (robcat2075)

Mark Largent (largento)

John Lemke (johnl3D)

David Simmons (itsjustme)

Steve Shelton (Shelton)



Who are you? Check your email for the message from Hash and respond with your address so you may receive your "Wobbling Dead" DVD!

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