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A:M Hair with Collision-Detection!

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Files are located in the 'Hair Salon' thread, located here:




A:M's hair material in a LONG HAIR scenario, useful for a 'Duck Dynasty' beard, 'weeping-willow' style tree leaves, 'hippie-hair' or glamorous female long hair. The feature being demonstrated here is not so much the hair material as the way it interacts and wraps around other objects, known as collision-detection. Many programs boast impressive hair and styling features, but have very little to show how the hair reacts dynamically in an animation scenario... AND- what happens when the dynamic hair comes into contact with other objects... usually being shoulders.


Now you can grab this material, drop it onto your character's scalp geometry, adjust the thickness, length and color... activate A:M's hair feature(shift 8 toggles ON and OFF) and enjoy!


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I've culled-together a photo-tutorial on the BASICS of working with dynamic hair to get people up-and-running with this feature. I'd like to do another on the SETTINGS and one more on GROOMING. I'll put this in the HAIR SALON FORUM as well. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;#entry397289



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