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Shovel of Kahless - VFX all done by me!


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It's finally been released! The most recent vignette from Project: Potemkin. This features an alien creature which I had to build, rig, animate and composite into the already shot footage. Many thanks to Robert, Rodney, Mark and a few others for helping out with advice on this one!!





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Very nice Chris!


You mention in your breakdown of After Effects cheats that you could have done some of the effects in A:M and I find this to be a great point.

The underlying question being how much time can you budget to the effect and what are you most comfortable with in getting that shot done.

A lot of time can be wasted... yes wasted... in picking the wrong option.


Thanks for the insight into your process.

You've got some really nice behind the scenes CG shots in there.

I hope they'll do a future episode where the alien morphs into another character/object... that'd be fun! :)

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Haha yeah, that would be a tricky and interesting challenge! I'm slated for one more vignette from Season 2 which is purely space effects, so back to the poly world on that one. Then I'm slated for two vignettes in Season 3. I'll have more composite work in Season 3 as part of their main set is now a CG component that I have to build and then integrate into the footage whenever it appears. Then I have a big one. A full blown episode near the end of season 3 which has approximately 26 VFX shots of all sorts. Everything from space shots, to composite work, to CG set work (though my brother may paint that set and we'll just use his matte). Then there's going to be more creature work in I think Season 4 which is partially filmed now. Though I think it's actually a mechanical creature, so that should be fun!


And in between that, i'm getting a video game ready for public beta testing and working on special effects for a Star Trek group based in Newfoundland! And when I'm not doing that, I'm helping to manage a movie theatre for 35 hours a week :P So busy busy busy haha.

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Hey, those worked pretty well!



I'm curious about the dialog... it all had to be redubbed after shooting?


Sorry Robert, I missed your post! From what I understand, the bulk of the audio that was recorded ended up being too poor to salvage. Windy day or something I guess. Randy also likes to push himself to try new things and ADR is his most recent self-challenge.

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I find it helps when you have to do things for other people. Whenever I do work solely for myself, it rarely ever gets completed. But if I have a client, then that almost always gets completed haha.

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