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Thanks Steve, still here, just get lost in the production, and the confusion of it all. :D

Nice to hear from you.


Every step's a step closer, kat!


The strange part comes when it's finished and you realize there's nothing left to do.


I got a kick out of the reading of the "A dragon now stands where my door should be?" line. :-) Was the Wizard appearing *in* the spell book? I wasn't quite sure.

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Hi Mark, I do think about what I'll do when the movie's done, it's been like a old friend, I remember the empty void that occurrs upon competition of a long project. :blink::)

Wizard Galvin is there, I didn't add it to the clip I posted, trying to save a bit of the mystery. Thanks for commenting, I know you have your hands full with the completion of Wobbling Dead, which I can't wait to see.

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