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A:M v18 Software Development Kit (SDK)


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Hi Developers,


now the A:M v18 SDK is available at the FTP server of Hash.


It can be found here: ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/Sdk/ or AM180SDK.zip

and of course on the website going to "Support & Contact" > "FTP-Server".


You will need MS Visual Studio 2010 (or up) to use the SDK.

Hope you'll enjoy it and come up with some cool stuff :).


See you


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I've read that the SDK is essentially "unsupported", but is there a place to at least see some documentation or tutorial?


I'm no C/C++ expert, but I can get by… and if the API gives some good features, I'm happy to contribute to tutorials if some are needed. Just hoping for a jump start, and haven't stumbled on any yet.


FYI, I used A:M many years ago (more than 10!), and just getting back into it.




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