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As yet nameless video game project


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I recently finished work on a new character called Reiko




Isn't she cute? She'll be starring in my new video game project. I haven't made any firm decisions other than it'll be a heavily story driven adventure/puzzle game with 8 directional movement.


Over the last couple of days I've been working on getting some basic things organised. Such as Reiko herself being controllable and her being able to walk around objects. Below is a quick video of what I've got done so far.



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Nice one Dan!


I'm going to guess that's more than Python going on there.

Pygame is mostly old news but that's what I've been experimenting with lately.


Looking very good!

Great character and smooth animation.

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Hats off to you Rodney. I just looked at an example script for Pygame and my brain crashed. I'll either be making the game in Multimedia fusion 2 or Game Maker pro. They both offer a very visual interface for programming.


Things like "collision between X and Y - destroy Y.


I find programming very difficult to wrap my head around. It's hard enough remembering all the terms but then you have to make sure you've written it exactly or the whole thing will fail. I remember getting an Amstrad Notebook word processor for christmas one year and it had the ability to let you program using BASIC. I spent hours copying an example from the book it came with to make a clock appear on the screen and when I was done.... "Syntax Error".

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  • Admin

Yes, a visual programming language with drag and drop will take away a lot of the pain.

Python can be excruciatingly difficult to debug. I spent over three hours one day debugging code I'd typed in directly from an example only to find I'd made, on average, at least one mistake in typing per line of code (out of several hundred lines of code). The error was often a comma instead of a period or an incorrect indentation. As I recall that one was a version of 'Break out' and I never did figure out the bug that prevented the player from dying so... the player remained immortal throughout the game.


The fun part for me has been playing with image sprites and image sprite sheets.

Things like that I can use even outside of python gaming.


I'll have to look into some of the games development tools you mention as well as some I looked at in the past.

Back then I had absolutely no clue as to how to put together a game.

... not that I have much of a clue now either. :P


I am thrilled to see you working on a game.

More power to you!

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