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AM Compatable Wrinkled Cloth Map Tutorial?

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Does anyone have a link to a Photoshop Tut for making wrinkled Cloth Decals/Maps?

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Can you show an example what what you are trying to get?

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I modeled the major folds and need to add seam wrinkles and general warping of the fabric plus enhance the major folds (deepen).



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I don't want to speak out of turn coz it looks like everyone else here is way higher on the experience level than I am. But I was just wondering whether you could just do a google search for a wrinkled fabric texture. Open in photoshop, de-saturate it to make it black and white and then set the contrast to accentuate the wrinkles to the depth you want. Then hide everything in the model you don't want wrinkly and make a bump decal.


I made my Gwen model some quick wrinkly stockings as an example.




If I'm totally missing the point then feel free to ignore me.

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i saw this post and though i might be able to help


i made this image using a very simple technique that can be done in photo shop in about 45 secs


this image here was created using 2 filters and 1 plugin (plugin optional)


make sure you create a new file and make it pretty big (1000+ pixels)

then you go to filters>render>Clouds

you will see cloud shapes pop up on the screen

the clouds will be the colors of the 2 colors you have in your toolbar (use black and white makes it easy)

next thing you do is go to Filters>render> cloud differnt

now you will see the image has changed quite a bit

this is where the magic happens.

hold on down CTRL (option on mac) and hit F key (hit it between 20-50 times depending on the level of wrinkle you want)

now you have what looks like a chaotic mess!

now this is where we play with some settings. there are 2 approaches from here, i will go over them both


the normal map way

1. go down to filters and go to Nvidia tools (if you do not have this you can get it from Here! please note that this is Nvidia only)

you can go thru the setting on this screen to play with things but thats a whole lesson in it self. for now just hit OK.

done! you have a normal map, save the file (Targa) and bring it into A:M.

apply the image like any decal then go to image settings in the decal settings and set it for normal map (175% my preference)

and you are done!


Regular way

2. go to image>adjustments>brightness and contrast

from here turn contrast to 60% and use the brightness to get the amount of wrinkle you want

when finished save file (targa)

bring into A:M and apply the decal

go to Decal settings and set the image to bump mapping(35% my preference)

and you are done!


I hoped this helped in some way.

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