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3D character on site w/ transparent background

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Hi - I have a possible client who wants a talking 3D character created that when you go on the page - he shows up at the bottom of the page with a transparent background so you can see the site through him. This is exactly his idea, but with an actual person:




can I export out of AM as images with a transparent background? Would I import those directly into flash w/ trans back? Or would I export the anim w/ a blue-screen background color and key it out in Premiere... but then what in premiere - export them out as images... I don't think you can export a .mov file w/ trans back.


Anyway, and help or suggestions would be great if anyone has played around with doing this.


Thanks - Eric

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Rendering with an alpha channel will make the background transparent in applications that can use an alpha channel. I believe flash can do that.


You have to render to a format that can support alpha channels. Targa sequence or Quicktime with "Animation" codec.


Turn Alpha ON in the Buffers section of your render settings.

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I did something similar to this a few years ago for a client where I had a butterfly fly onto the page, land and take off again. It was a Flash file that was placed on top of the page. Pausing the video on the page you linked to and right-clicking shows they're using a Flash file, too.


I don't recall exactly how to do it, but I think there's a setting in the html that tells it to use a transparent background.


[EDIT] Just checked. In the Publish Settings, select the HTML tab and under "Window Mode," select "Transparent Windowless".

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Hello - alright, I figured out a way if anyone is interested...


- export the video as a PNG image sequence out of AM

- import the images as a file sequence into QuickTime Pro

- export as a .FLV video (Video Codec - On2 VPb with a check in the box for encode alpha channel)

- in Dreamweaver, choose "insert" - "AP Div"

- in that box place the .FLV

- in the page code for the object - put "transparent" for "wmode"


Here is a mockup I did from an old character to test it...



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