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I live in Valencia California. Looking for users who want to get together on a biweekly or monthly basis to teach each other new things with AM, share are work and so on. We can take turns meeting at each others house or we can pick neutral spots that are congruent distances from each other.




1. Must live somewhere in the circle below. or be willing to drive for a long time.

2. Must be willing to commit to meetings, a minimum of 1 per month.

3. We need at least 4 people for this to work. I think 2 people are a couple, 3 is a trio and 4 can finally constitute a group.

4. Must be a contributor who plays with AM for work or pleasure at least twice a week to continue growing with the group.

5. If your willing to commit reply with your email so I can contact you.


Hope this works. :)



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Guest CG Addict
I live in Riverside County (Quail Valley, CA 92587) I am just out of your range. Maybe we could us the Internet and video conference (ooVoo?)


I live in Bakersfield, CA 93313 and would video conference with you guys as well. Perhaps meet in person once month or every other month.

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Cool Guys



Who has a lap top out of the people who want to meet up? What should we do when we meet up? Should we create an 11 second club project? Each one of us contributing something. When we meet up we can discuss and help each other with problems whlie continuing the project via the net.


Just an idea.

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Of course, the moment I speak up on this kind of thing, I get super busy.


But anyways - with my sporadic availability, I'm kind of thinking of more of a show-and-tell type start for the group. I think just about every time in past few years I've had a big idea for animation, I got buried in my engineering life.


My two bits anyways.

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