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Another Dental animation... new Dentist

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Hello - for those of you that are tired of my dental animation... sorry. ;-) This one is actually pretty cool - it is for a dentist that created a new patented "braces" application combining the 3 current brace systems. The animation starts by showing the traditional 3, then his idea of combining the three and how it would work - then possibilities of what can be done with them. I had to start completely from scratch with new teeth and gums and everything, because in parts of the anim we had to make the gums transparent to see the correction of the teeth and roots. Anyway, just a warning watch when you are not sleepy - it might just put you out. ;-)





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Thanks guys - Hi Steve, when I do a job for a client they have rights to everything involved w/ the project, that's why I had to start from scratch with these teeth, instead of using the teeth from the other dentist. If it was just a fun project I did for practice I would definately donate the teeth model, but unfortunately I can't... sorry. He doesn't have a voice over at this time, but I think he plans on adding one - it really makes a difference when you get a professional voice over in there too - maybe when it gets the audio in I'll post it again, if everyone isn't sick of it by then. ;-) Thanks again - Eric

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