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Exercise 6 the door's stuck

After constraining hand to knob shaggy's hand became 2 hands

I checked the constraint by turning the knob to test the constraint and his right hand remained on the knob and his 2nd right hand left the knob.

This is the second time for this to occur.

After the first time I reloaded the program by down loading v15e. I downloaded this upgrade a week or so ago.





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I apologize for not replying sooner and the size of the screen copy. I was away for a while.


By any chance, do you have onion skin turned ON in the option menu?


I reset to the default setting before I read this message. I don't recall turning on onion skin.


I agree - very hard to see what you've got going on - but do you have 2 Shaggies in that chor ? - looks to me like there's bones there from another spine for some critter?


Yes there were 2 of everything shag and door.


It's hard to0 see what you have going on there... if you uncheck(open) the LEFT FOREARM bone, is there a constraint on that too?

The right arm was the only arm constrained. And I did not do it correctly. Omitted the ORENT LIKE STEP????????


Thanks for the direction


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