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Hi I'm new. Please Help Purchasing question

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Hi fellow Animation Master :)


I would like to know something about purchasing Animation Master but let me first introduce myself.

I am Pieter, I live in Holland, 18-years-old,student, hope to study industrial designing after I've passed mu final exams this year and I love to be creative.

I am completely new to Animation Master although I've got some 3d model experience. I used to model in 3d milkshape(low poly models) and anim8tor, some of you might know these programs. Nevertheless, I've got some programming experience and I made a few games myself..


Here's my question:

I got a question regarding the purchasing of Animation Master. First off all, is there a trail version available to download? I would really like to test animation Master out before buying. However, I like the 299 dollar price for a full 3D studio (In my opion AM can compete well with 3D studio Max) 3D MAx is in my opinion too complicated and not affordable. I would really like to try this software.


Can some of you give some anwers on this too

Will I recieve life time updates/support for free after my 299$ purchase or do I have to pay another fee?

There are many company's who ask money for updates and so called "free" support.

I am just a 3d fanatic! I can't afford that much but I am willing to pay 299$ for such a wonderfull 3d animation studio.


To conclude animation master looks wonderful. I've seen the introduction movie and I am impressed. I think Animation Master is an unique 3d modeling/animation program.


I'm looking forward to a reply.


Best regards,


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1. No, there's no trial version of Animation:Master. However, Hash does offer a 30-day return policy, so if you buy it and don't like it, you can return it for a full refund.


2. Updates are continuous. If you buy A:M 2006, you will be able to use any updates released in the year 2006. Your software will continue functioning forever, but at some point in 2007, you will not be able to install further updates. Hash releases a new CD every year in January. It costs $99 to upgrade from previous versions. Many Hash users buy the $99 upgrade every year. However, you are not required to buy it. If you buy only the 2006 CD, the 2009 CD will still cost $99, even if you didn't buy the earlier upgrades.


You can get unlimited free support from this forum forever.

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I purchased Animation Master back in 1992 and I have been upgrading every year...


Animation:Master has been worth every penny to me. I've learned more through using this software than I ever learned from books on the subject of animation or computer modeling.


The software comes with a small book called "The Art of Animation Master" and is a series of lessons designed to springboard you into not only the software package, but the world of animation itself.


The lessons are tailored to guide you through using the interface of the software so you can easily focus on your own creativeness.


There are also video versions of almost all the lessons on Hash's website that you can download before you buy so you can get an early look at the software.


I hope that luckbat and i have answered your questions ... if not, I'm sure someone else will come along and add to it. :D


I wish you well in all your future creativity!

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At 299.00 it's an excellent purchase. You have to learn to think in splines but as far as the softwares modelling capability there is nothing that you cannot make with AM. It takes time to learn. I bought AM to learn to model in 3d with no previous experience and that's mainly what I do with it but it has alot more power than I am even coming close to using. I consider it one of the best investment's I ever made and I'm sure once you buy it and begin to learn to use the tools provided you will agree. And as luckbat said you have free 24-7 support here on the forum which will aid you well in the learning process. Have Fun!

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A:M is a fabulous program, and all the more so if you are working independently.


There will be new things to learn, and some parts of A:M are quite different from other 3D programs, but you can ask questions here.

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AM is a fabulous program.


It is however unique. It relies on the concept of "Hash Spline" technology to create models and to animate virtually all of the attributes of anything in that model.


If you plan to work with other polygon based applications or models you may find the pipeline for that a bit tough. Hash splines and AM are NOT based on polygons. Going "back and forth" between AM and polygons is not a trip to the happy zoo on shiny flying magic shoes.


There is export and import to various polygon formats and if you visit the game forum here for AM you will find there are tools and pipelines for working with polygons if you need to.


I am one of those AM users who has no need for polygons and doesn't really like them anyway. So this whole topic has no effect on me at all.


But apparently there are some people who do use polygons and get frustrated when...


... a whole pile of polygon models they have created or downloaded can't magically be transformed into the AM format.


... they can't send their AM projects to someone else and have it magically rez-up, completely intact with images, rig and animation in Polygon Pro MCP®. (sorry I just watched Tron again)


AM is capable of doing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. But is not a polygon based application.. if it was it wouldn't be any better than anything.


It is the spline technology that makes it so fluid and simple to model with. Taking that away or... adding "more" polygon support... would just make it "like everyone else".


Slippin Lizard is incorrect. Unwarranted or unjustified comparisons are the only things that Martin doesn't approve of. You will find a very helpful community here.


Good luck on your decision.


Vernon "!" Zehr

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Thanks for all the fast responds and usefull information. I really appreciate all your opinions.

I'm glad you guys are so enthusiastic about it! Animation Master does seems very cool!

When I start my study I definately will consider to buy it, although I think my study will let me work with other programs too like Solid works , Rhinoceros and Maya. However my first impression on Animation Master is that this software beats all these programs by it ""simplicty"" yet power capabilities! " \

i will definately check all the nice content on the website. :)

I like the movie/films section a lot too...




Pieter and keep up the good work

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