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  1. Thanks for all the fast responds and usefull information. I really appreciate all your opinions. I'm glad you guys are so enthusiastic about it! Animation Master does seems very cool! When I start my study I definately will consider to buy it, although I think my study will let me work with other programs too like Solid works , Rhinoceros and Maya. However my first impression on Animation Master is that this software beats all these programs by it ""simplicty"" yet power capabilities! " \ i will definately check all the nice content on the website. I like the movie/films section a lot too... Cheers! Pieter and keep up the good work
  2. Hi fellow Animation Master I would like to know something about purchasing Animation Master but let me first introduce myself. I am Pieter, I live in Holland, 18-years-old,student, hope to study industrial designing after I've passed mu final exams this year and I love to be creative. I am completely new to Animation Master although I've got some 3d model experience. I used to model in 3d milkshape(low poly models) and anim8tor, some of you might know these programs. Nevertheless, I've got some programming experience and I made a few games myself.. Here's my question: I got a question regarding the purchasing of Animation Master. First off all, is there a trail version available to download? I would really like to test animation Master out before buying. However, I like the 299 dollar price for a full 3D studio (In my opion AM can compete well with 3D studio Max) 3D MAx is in my opinion too complicated and not affordable. I would really like to try this software. Can some of you give some anwers on this too Will I recieve life time updates/support for free after my 299$ purchase or do I have to pay another fee? There are many company's who ask money for updates and so called "free" support. I am just a 3d fanatic! I can't afford that much but I am willing to pay 299$ for such a wonderfull 3d animation studio. To conclude animation master looks wonderful. I've seen the introduction movie and I am impressed. I think Animation Master is an unique 3d modeling/animation program. I'm looking forward to a reply. Best regards, Pieter
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