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  1. My ultimate advice: buy a bling-bling mirror! Althoug your family might think you're addicted to cocain now it'll definitely improve your facial animation. Definitely. Cheers, David
  2. Rusty, works fine! Thanks for all helpers here.
  3. Looks good! Thanks, I'll try it ... David
  4. That's top secret! I just implemented a TSM spine for the Jimbo model (aka The Snake) but the head-movement needs to be boosted. That's what I'm looking for.
  5. Ok, I'll clarify this. Take the picture below, the blue bone is "orient like"-constrained to the red one. To achieve this kind of acceleration its "orient like" must be higher than 100% (something like "take the orient like value and multiply this with 2"). Another way to get it is to constrain the red bone to the blue bone with 50% (and some help of another bone) but this becomes unhandy for me. Cheers, David
  6. Hi! I'd like to constrain a bone with the "orient like" constrain to another bone but with more "enforcement" then 100%. Is it possible that a bone moves twice the speed (or anything higher than 100%) than it's "parent"? I bet it can be done with an expression, but that's a locked book for my brain ... Cheers, David
  7. At the first look: Hey cool, great model!! But then, after a few seconds you get aware of the "unsmoothness" of the car body. Well, this is some side-effects of spline-modeling. Maybe it'll look smoother with porcelain? Anyway, I'd like to see you straighten the contours. If you do this: Perfect!! Good job, well done! Cheers, David
  8. @Jim: You're cheating again!! :-D Her fingers doesn't intersect the staff anymore ...
  9. DeeJay


    Bravo!!! I'll stop working on B&J ...
  10. @Nancy: It's just frame 506 of the animation. @KenH: Although I don't plan to change the final layout of B&J I'm eager to know what exactly do you mean with "more curves"? Some Popeye style? Or a smoother blending of hand and wrist (regarding the texture)?
  11. You would grap your head in tremendous pain after loading these super-low-patchy props!
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