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  1. i have no idea how to do this....i just found a model that i really liked but it was for maya....
  2. .....man i need more models cuz i don't have time to make my own...
  3. i'm sorry i've haven't been using A:M for ages and i have no clue how to do that.... can u please post pictures?
  4. Does anybody have a model of Jesus or a man in robes? I need it for a project....please help Edit: Ok i think i found one but how do i install it? And if anybody does find a model, please still post it
  5. I was wondering if there was an easier way of adding text instead of modeling them. I heard there was a wizard or something to do it for you. How do I do it?
  6. Ok well u can get a guitar on the free models thing...here you go-http://www.hash.com/freemodels/ As for the lobster i'm not sure but i made a crab model (i'm 13 and did it for a science project about crustations so gimmie props hehe) so i'm not sure if u want it or not (and i donno how to transport models over the web anyways)
  7. Hey!!!! i guess i'm not the only 13 year old here!!! i'm new(well not really) and i'm not too good wit da animations but hope to become a future animator! So u wanna be friends?
  8. OK TODAY i'm doing an animation for my mom for mother's day and i have a huge problem with keyframes... i don't know when to push the force keyframe button because when i want something on a certain time and push force keyframe the frame before, and then do the action on the next frame, it takes the whole animation to do the action....
  9. Thanks i'll look into that...but when i tried to post the exersice, it says its too big...again if this would help it is 2.24 MBs
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