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  1. Martin Posted: Well it seems to me you just did Martin This is not a prop it is a spline model. As I have said many times I do not use props. I rarely use the Choreography and the above pic came straight from the A:M modeling window. Thanks for your attention on this issue and let me know more if there is a problem about what I choose to share.
  2. Here is a quick conversion of a colonial viper into A:M format. I did not spend time rebuilding it but it would work well as a 3D roto. It is made of fairly easy components that could be remodeled and placed together using this model as a blueprint if you wanted to put in the effort. Anyone else looking for an exchange of free models just send me a message.
  3. The text could stand to be nudged to the right a little. It would look more 'official' if it was centered.
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