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  1. Martin Posted: Well it seems to me you just did Martin This is not a prop it is a spline model. As I have said many times I do not use props. I rarely use the Choreography and the above pic came straight from the A:M modeling window. Thanks for your attention on this issue and let me know more if there is a problem about what I choose to share.
  2. Here is a quick conversion of a colonial viper into A:M format. I did not spend time rebuilding it but it would work well as a 3D roto. It is made of fairly easy components that could be remodeled and placed together using this model as a blueprint if you wanted to put in the effort. Anyone else looking for an exchange of free models just send me a message.
  3. The lid was made of solid 100% 24-carat gold. The lid weighed 2,714 pounds. In today's market just the raw gold would be worth 10.5 million. And that is not even getting into the practical uses of this device.
  4. They look like they are coming along nicely considering how short a time you have been learning A:M. The fact that you can import your models into other apps. you are more comfortable with should allow more options for texturing that you are more used to. However, A:M is great for texturing once you get the hang of it. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors Gerald.
  5. Sounds like a worthy project to devote yourself to Seven. I like that they posess both horns and a halo. Makes for dynamic characters which are capable of the full range of human expression. Cool idea, and the pen may prove to be more powerful than the sword.
  6. Those are some really elegant looking pieces. I like the claw feet because it adds to the air of mystery that this furniture conveys, at least to me. Did you come up with these designs or have you seen furniture like this? Excellent work and thank you for showing them. Thank you also for the dirt map tutorial as I have always tried to use the A:M plugins for this but have not ever made it work satisfactorily for me. The method in your tutorial looks promising.
  7. Hey Vern! Since you seem to have the whole scoop, do you have any ideas on why Seven was invited back into this forum? It would also be nice if you labeled the link you gave so people will know that it adds Seven to their ignore list. I know you never like to hide things in your posts
  8. A very interesting effect. A good example that there is so much diversity in the abilities of A:M. Maybe you could make some seamless textures out of portions of it?
  9. I am pretty sure Tenez has got it right.
  10. Dhar Posted on Jul 16 2005, 08:04 PM Hello Dhar. The pink character also says "What time is it?".
  11. It looks like a bunny with an edge. It also reminds me of a rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I like it because it has an original look to it and has interesting possibilities for texturing and animation. All in all, a nice avatar and yet another reason to say thanks to Scott. Thanks Scott.
  12. Looking Good! And your going to give it to us for free? I am going to have to come up with a gift idea myself...
  13. Here is the scale you would expect to see at full zoom in a RTS such as Emperor Dune or CandC Generals. And usually the units are viewed from a greater distance. This is to give some idea of the level of detail I am working with until we implement the FPS aspect of the game.
  14. Well I think I will be checking my email and modeling some EM pulse turrets.. In that order Thanks for the advice guys, I will post again when I implement some changes.
  15. Glad you like it Scott. Any suggestions on what to change? And when do I get to see your Batman?
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