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    Nature.<br>Arting about.<br>Music (playing (bass) and listening)<br>Books (reading and buying)<br>Flirting with pretty girls.<br>Well engerneared tools.<br>Not getting on with landlords.<br>Making small adjustments to things.<br>Going away somewhere by myself.<br>Waiting for things to steadily improve.<br>Trying to be a child again.<br>Orgasms.<br>Talking to stupid people.<br>Talking to clever people.<br>Fiddling (mostly slapping rythms on myself).<br>Daydreaming (sometimes silly,sometimes impassioned, sometimes hatefull, whatever).<br>Nature.<br>Words (use-of (grammer(parenthises))).<br>Watching others fail.<br>Watching others succeed.<br>Undermining authority.<br>Getting drunk.<br>Building things.<br>Smashing things up.<br>Climbing trees.<br>Fooooood.<br>Little rythms.<br>Asking awkward questions.<br>The needless expendature of energy.<br>Writing lists.<br>Wanting to be the Thing King.<br>Admiring the organised chaos that is my room.<br>Swimming like a dolphin.<br>Having dreams in which I levitate.<br>Staring at skinheads until they look away.<br>Ripping up old schoolwork.<br>Drawing<br>Imagining beating up bad people but not actually doing it.<br>Thinking of myself as an animal that is the product of four billion years of evolution (which I am).<br>Imagining little places off somewhere where there are no people and where nothing seems to matter (like crevices in rocks in deserts).<br>Nature.<br>Having baths or showers.<br>Recovering from illness or hangovers.<br>Deciding that enough is enough.
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  1. I haven't tried using it yet but the results certainly look good! I think this is some of the best animation that I have seen from you. I would like to see more!
  2. This could be a shadow bias thing. Try raising the bias value.
  3. That is a really nice looking car. Having done a little car modelling I can vouch for how hard it is. You have tempered the tendency of splines very well but I think you are asking a little much of the 5p patch to the side of the headlight there. I would be tempted to add another radial round there to smooth things out and get more control.
  4. The Fan bones are something that I plan to re-do at some point. I am not at all happy with the deformation around that area. You don't need to use them. There are also some other bones around the back. Some are kinda simulating the movement of the scapula (but only on the left hand side). Sorry that the rig has this mess in it. You can just delete it if you want.
  5. Great to see it finally out there for the public to marvel at. Nice to see my name on the credits too... though what I did is nothing next to your massive achievement. Now get back to animating you lazy bastard
  6. Really great modelling texturing and rendering. I can't wait to see you try rigging and animating!
  7. Hi Josh, Glad you like the rig! There is a trick to putting the rig in that you might like to try. 1. Open My model 2. Select all its geometry and move it off to the side (not the bones) 3. Copy and paste tom into the model and arrange him around the rig. 4. Now you can go into bones mode and to select the bone for a bicep (for example), just select the bicep on my model. Then you can select the corresponding geometry on thom. This prevents you from having to know which are the geometry bones (something which is probably not at all obvious - particularly for the arms). Hope that helps John
  8. I journey into London now and then and there have been meetings on occasion. They fizzled out recently but we will see... I like your work by the way (looked at your website).
  9. Update: The attachment for my rig broke so here it is again slightly updated so the right bones are hidden JohnRig_21c.zip
  10. Make a null at the root of the bone whose speed is to be measured. Have it translate to the moving bone with a lag of 1 frame. Make a bone that is at the position of the moving bone and aims at the null with scale to reach on. Now you can make a relationship from the z scale of the streatchy bone to whatever you want to be governed by the speed of the bone. Bish bash bosh, Bob's your unkle.
  11. You should be able to access the chanel type widget in the pws if you crack open the model. HTH
  12. Wow! I had no idea that you were such a high achieving animator.
  13. I solved this problem with my rig. In my experience though, the clavical doesn't have to move, but some other stuff does. I don't know what is going on in anatomical terms but my rig follows what happens to my shoulder pretty closely and you should be able to adapt it to your own enterpretation pretty easily. The shoulder follows the bicep to a degree which is dependant on the angle of the bicep - so when the bicep is up, the sholder follows it more. When it is down, it follows it just a bit. This can be controlled precicely with a relationship curve. The shoulder can shrug by translating the bone which is also used to rotate the arm and I have FK/IK blending. It is pretty comprehensive and simple to control. I would be glad to hear what you have to say on it on the apropriate thread here: My rig thread The most up-to date rig version is at the bottom of the first page.
  14. Nice character and I like the dismount. Maybe you could find a way to get some secondary motion on the hair? The run is a little odd in the way that the legs suddenly pop backwards once they have left the ground. Also, the amount that the body bobs up and down is kinda between a run an a jog. In a jog, the body bobs up and down a fair bit, but in a fast sprint (I guess this is what you are going for here) the body doesn't really bob so much.
  15. It is a really nice peice of work. Quite professional and I like the modelling and facial expressions. The animation was a bit "pose to pose" for my liking... if you see what I mean. Maybe break the motion up a bit.
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