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  1. I haven't tried using it yet but the results certainly look good! I think this is some of the best animation that I have seen from you. I would like to see more!
  2. The Fan bones are something that I plan to re-do at some point. I am not at all happy with the deformation around that area. You don't need to use them. There are also some other bones around the back. Some are kinda simulating the movement of the scapula (but only on the left hand side). Sorry that the rig has this mess in it. You can just delete it if you want.
  3. Hi Josh, Glad you like the rig! There is a trick to putting the rig in that you might like to try. 1. Open My model 2. Select all its geometry and move it off to the side (not the bones) 3. Copy and paste tom into the model and arrange him around the rig. 4. Now you can go into bones mode and to select the bone for a bicep (for example), just select the bicep on my model. Then you can select the corresponding geometry on thom. This prevents you from having to know which are the geometry bones (something which is probably not at all obvious - particularly for the arms). Hope that helps John
  4. Update: The attachment for my rig broke so here it is again slightly updated so the right bones are hidden JohnRig_21c.zip
  5. Make a null at the root of the bone whose speed is to be measured. Have it translate to the moving bone with a lag of 1 frame. Make a bone that is at the position of the moving bone and aims at the null with scale to reach on. Now you can make a relationship from the z scale of the streatchy bone to whatever you want to be governed by the speed of the bone. Bish bash bosh, Bob's your unkle.
  6. I solved this problem with my rig. In my experience though, the clavical doesn't have to move, but some other stuff does. I don't know what is going on in anatomical terms but my rig follows what happens to my shoulder pretty closely and you should be able to adapt it to your own enterpretation pretty easily. The shoulder follows the bicep to a degree which is dependant on the angle of the bicep - so when the bicep is up, the sholder follows it more. When it is down, it follows it just a bit. This can be controlled precicely with a relationship curve. The shoulder can shrug by translating the bone which is also used to rotate the arm and I have FK/IK blending. It is pretty comprehensive and simple to control. I would be glad to hear what you have to say on it on the apropriate thread here: My rig thread The most up-to date rig version is at the bottom of the first page.
  7. Woohooo!!! That weight flipper is going to save me a whole bunch of time units - especially since I have some really heavy use of weights here and there. Particularly here.
  8. It is really nice to have some appreciatoin of my rig sinse I speant so much time on it and I really look forward to seeing what people to with it. Hey Mark, What is the "PHP Weight Flipper"? I did a search but couldn't find anything. It sounds really handy.
  9. Thanks to Mark Strohbehn for Doing some spade work on flipping the model across!!! There are still a few things to do. The deformation of the elbow isn't the same. For the righ elbow, I used a relationship wich controlls a pose. I find this to be by far the best method for this kind of 1d squish. Thanks Mark (and sorry I didn't post it earlier - I am just a scatty scatty man). JohnRig_21c.zip
  10. Hi Vern, Thanks HUGELY for your effort and I'm glade you like the rig. I wonder what could be causing the problem? The only thing I can suggest is the old save, close reload thing but I'm sure you will have done that already. Or maybe change the name to right2 instead?... perhaps. Very strange. I wish now more than ever before for that magic "flip everything across" button.
  11. Yeah, Sorry, I am busy and havn't gotten around to it. Here is the process: >Make sure that everything on the left side of the model has "left" in the name (that is the characters left - or our right as we look at him/her) >Destroy everything on their right hand side (making sure that there arn't any splines filling in the centre seem >Save out as a seperate model >Make a bone which is a master bone - into which all other bones go. This should be exactly on the centre and not at an odd angle (use the bone position properties to set this). >Use this bone to flip everything else using the manipulator box thing (with the icon at the top of the screen). If the master bone is pointing up then you will have to enter x=-100 to flip it across the x axis (depending on how the roll handle is pointing). Do this whilst holding "Ctrl" to make it move the geometry at the same time. >Load the old model into a text editor and find-replace "left" to "right" > Import the old (unflipped) model into the new (flipped) one. > Drag the "right" bones that are childeren of the centre bones into the corresponding centre bones from the "left" model (eg the legs should be attached to the same pelvis) >Delete the extra centre bones (spine etc.). >Assign the control points of the centre geometry to the centre bones - taking into account cp weighting. (this could take a while as some cps have three bones). >hand stitch the two sides of the model together (to do this, you will first have to delete one of the centre seems). ..... phew! .... I think that is it... and I hope you can follow it. It would be great if people did this - it would be a nice contribution to peace and hamony
  12. Hey Garard, Thanks for the comments. Feel free to back-engineer my rig as much as you like, I don't have any copyright either would you believe. I would be interested to see if you can improve the way that legs work in extreem positions. At the moment, her leg flips out when the foot is high and close to the body. This can be fixed with the knee control but still, it should be improved. Hi Rodney, I'm not really a fan of angle limits. I prefer to be able to make any kind of movment I like in animation and then worry about deformation at the extreems later on.
  13. Hey Mike, That is an impressive shoulder you have there. Can it hav movment which is independant of the arm? Also, what happens when the arm is right down?
  14. Hi Strohbehn, Glad you like the rig The 'arc steady' makes the large arm bone stay at the same orientation when the pelvis rotates. It makes her look like she is tit-rope walking. I guess this would be good for if she is holding a plate of food or whatever. No, I havn't animated anything with this yet. The full version of the character is meant for an animation but I havn't had time to finish her as I ended up getting a bit perfectionist. Infact, my gallery animation was meant as a bit of light reliefe from rigging her shoulder deformation. If I could find a way of selling the rig then I would, but I'm not sure that it would be possible now that I have given most of it away. Never mind.
  15. That is a deformation issue which happened when I deleted some geometry. I didn't bother re-doing cp wieghts. It isn't all that important as far as the rig is concerned and would have to be done differently for different charactes. Hey Roddders, thanks for the comment. "awsomecool"... I like that
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