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  1. that poor fellow!! A great emotional picture, perfect balance between scary and a smile. Greetings Frank
  2. real cool! Good animation with a very funny character. Greetings Frank
  3. How you build the black stripe?
  4. Hi all, most of the time i use "am" like "mm" (modelling master), but now i want to dive in the great see of animation. I know it will be hard, but i hope do go to it. It took quite awhile to build an character i would like to animate. Now he is nearly finished, waiting to be rigged and i want to show him to you, wondering what you are thinking about this little fellow. Comments of any kind (no God please) are welcome. Greetings Frank
  5. Hi, i was a little bit bored today so i played around. I found some nice rotoscope and here is my dragonchair. (Acutally a design from 1500)
  6. Hi, just playing with materials and Zpiders new plugin.
  7. but only thanks to you Mr. Poissant and your wonderful radiosity tutorials.
  8. Hi, just want to show you, what i´m doing in the moment. Hope you like it and send some comments. Greetings Frank
  9. Wonderfull!!!! Have you tried an underwater scene?
  10. Have you tried the alpha channel?
  11. Grubber: I can´t show the wires, because the picture is an reflection on an normal wall. The reflection were made by photons comming from an decal picture. Greetings Frank
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