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  1. Increase the time the action takes, while keeping the amount of repeats the same?
  2. Yes...you are probably right. It fits in students section. Can I move the topic myself or will I need to re create it? Rodney - thanks for your help Edit: Rodney, where is the attatched...? Have I missed it somewhere?
  3. Another try at animating the flour sack...this time it is hopping of of a crate. I think the fall takes to long... oh well. if this topic is in the wrong section just tell me sackandthecrate.mov
  4. Thanks for the suggestions....I'll keep working. Be the flour sack...be the flour sack... I have a book on A:M (Animation:Master 2002, A Complete Guide by David Rogers) which I will check for flour sack projects. I haven't yet seen the ones you mention...If you have time to find one or two it would be great!
  5. Well, what I mean is that it just seems like I saw you posting here in the forum. Egad! Where have I been. My apologies for not seeking you out and dragging you back. Now... get back to flour sack animating! P.S. Now that you are back, if you don't get involved in TWO... Perhaps you are thinking of someone else...I checked my 'recent posts' and have indeed been goen since January. Will do. This one is the flour sack jumping/falling over sideways. Any advice is welcome...I know I have a lot of room for improvement ...also, I'm running out of ideas for actions? Does anyone else have some? sackfall.mov
  6. Eh??? Get outta here! It can't have been that long. Glad to see you back. Eep! Thanks for catching that. Actually just one year. I was thinking I stopped in September, when really it was early January. Thanks!
  7. I have been gone from A:M for a very long time! (1.5 years) I suddenly realized that today and decided to dust it off and play with a simple flour sack...I thought it would be a good exercise to make a walk cycle and possibly a few other actions. I am quite rusty and would like some tips for improvement. Thanks! sackwallk.mov
  8. I don't have 12.9q yet... I got distracted and just tried it again today after doing nothing and it worked fine...I will get the update, however.
  9. it might still be on the CD, i'm not sure. i'll have to check when i get home.
  10. I'm trying to finish all of TAoAM and was just about to start the one where they all do the cancan...number two i think. i open a choreography, and start to drag the stage to the choreography window...then a window pops up that says "parameter is incorrect" and the mouse dissapears onthe AM screen...help?
  11. I saw this in the contest...what does it mean to be "The Art of A:M" Alum? Edit: Wow, i must have selective sight...i was looking at the stickies but somehow i missed the one that completely explains this. very sorry.
  12. did you have a side rotoscope to work from as well?
  13. wait...did you mean mixer? If so its so far so good. details later on, of course, right?
  14. cute little guy...how did you do the hair?
  15. You really are into mechanical modeling, huh? Well, anyways, it looks great so far...interested to see the whole thing...
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