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  1. In my opinion, the export of information to the AM to a classic polygonal program is possible. There are just two problems to solve. The first problem is the triangle: AM uses to the triangle, the patches 4 sides, and overwrites one of its sides, which creates a bad topology: Is it possible to do otherwise ?, yes! The solution and the code is in Jpatch, the code is visible (in Java) (http://www.jpatch.com/) The second problem are the hooks (3 types). the topology of AM or Jpatch gives no perfect solution. they create triangles. (with bugs in AM?) One solution would be to get to create a topology like this: Once solved this, I do not see what could block the export. For import is more complicated ... There are different manner to do it for the purposes and different results. Props, it could improve its ability for example by giving a subdivision level option and importing Mdd for animation. patches, nemyax's plugin works well, it requires creating a retopology the model to fit the topology of the patches before the import. Use AM to animate polygonal model, rasikrodri's plugin is promising for that. The import/export of information of UV, bones, weigts, cameras, lights, scenes should not be a problem. What is missing for AM is time, mathematicians and programmers.
  2. Thank you all for your answers ! I'll study it all tonight.
  3. Good evening everyone, I am looking for a way to give the same size of a bone to another bone by the constraints or expressions. Anyone know how we do it?
  4. Nice work! I have not 3DCoat , so I could not do testing, but have you found a way to not break the topology hooks and patches to 5 sides in futur? Again congratulations.
  5. Happy holidays to all! Congratulations Nancy, your image and colors are very beautiful. Congratulations Robcat! Your work on procedural material gives an impressive result! Thank you for voting for me, it'll allow me to restart my subscription for another year! Thank you all very much!
  6. Thank for your reponse. That is a good news!
  7. Malo

    A simple fish

    If it helps, I had this little flash animation for a fish (modeled in Sculptris to create the rotoscope) modeled in AM ... we see the steps by steps : flash animation
  8. Hello, Is it a way that the bones which the attribute "Assigning Prevent PC's" are "on" are not visible in "Edit CPs weights"?
  9. Thank you very much again David!
  10. Thank you very much David!
  11. Hello, I am trying to use models using the rig "steave headgizmo V2" on the V17 or V16 version on win.64bit. but "CEyebrowsCentre, CEyelids, CMouth and CCheeks" no longer work. Do you know what is wrong with this rig in V.17? What needs to change to make it work again?
  12. Hi, Thank William for the link. I have done a new test. Using Xnormal to bake a Sculptris sculpt on AM model. The two solutions have goods and bads renders. But I think, with a high export (4096 subdivs), unwrapp in AM will give a better solution. I will do new test then when V18 will be done.
  13. A hight subdivision in V18 will help to have a good result. Do you know, when V18 will be finish? Here's a little experiment I do today: I create a model. I just peak the model in modeling window before to apply UV. To try to have à peak UV (try, because it seem that it don't peak it completely) I export the model x1 with its uv. I repair the 5 sides polygons in wings3d. The UV is the same, except that we have lost the coordinates of bias. I use Troer to convert this new obj, Troer recreates the coordinates of the bias. I import the models in AM16, and render : A : the original model, B : the model converted by Troer. If you want to compare Uvs, here are the two mdl files and the map in this zip file
  14. From what I understand, and so I thought Troer. The uV a patch is subdivided into nine areas defined by the bias. The picture of the UV polygon is divided into 9 part to be distributed to each area of ​​the patches. If the bias is not located in tier length, there will be deformation. And I think, the bias coordinate of the wizard plugin is calculate on the 1/3 of the % magnitude and not on the length of the side. But I ma not sure. What I am sure, the bias coordinate of the wiazrd is not on the 1/3 on the lenght, and it is why there is bad result.
  15. Sorry, It is not easy for me to explain this in english. In the UV window, a patch have bias, but you can't see them. A polygon have not bias. To write an UV for a polygon, you need to write the X Y and Z coordinate for each vertices. For a patche you need to write the coordinate for each CPs and for each bias (8) (in blue on the graphic) The problem when you import the UV of a polygon, you have no coordinates for this bias. So you must create them. (The CPs have the same coordinate as the vertices) For Troer, I use the 1/3 of the side for each bias. What I understand about the wizard plugin, is : it use the 1/3 of the magnitude of the CP, so the the map in the patch is deformed.
  16. Benoit is the programmer of Troer. This is a friend who knew very little in 3D, and nothing in AM. It was kind of program Troer in his free time. Troer is not the solution to long therm. It would be better to improve the import AM plugin (and also export with more options). To return to the issue of the wizard import. I think it would not be difficult to fix it. It seems to me that the calculation error come from there is a confusion between the tier of the side and the tier of the magnitude. I'm sorry if I'm not very clear in my English. A picture to help to understand:
  17. Hi Robcat! No, because it's not a bug from AM. I did not understand all the way to encode the Mdl format. Troer written an incorrect file. Luckily before version 17, AM rectified the code, now it no longer does as expected. But it is not a bug. Nothing to do, I read quickly in a topic, the closure of 5-sided patches will be automatically ... Is this true? If this is the case, it will be great.
  18. Yes since version 17, there is a problem with the UV of the mdl converted by Troer. At the end of the topic http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=40743 , we talk about it. The solution is to download the version 16 of AM, and open your mdl via import mdl in a empty modeling window, and save it, to open it again in version 17. This is hugely steps and constraints. But it works.
  19. Hi ToreB, "Troer" is a free standalone converter OBJ2MDL. (It can't convert all Obj) There are more explications in this topic : http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=40743
  20. The problem come from the import Obj plugin in AM. It's Uv is bad. The Uv for the Props is good. If I use Troer to convert Obj with his UV, I get good results too :
  21. An another way to do this. It is possible to create a cube subdivided into a polygonal program and convert it with "Troer." (More the object is dense more the conversion is long.) Download the MDLl
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