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  1. I keep getting an error that the zip file is corrupt and will not open. Downloading with Netscape 8 if that makes a difference. Edit-downloaded the zip with Explorer worked fine. That was weird.
  2. I'm in Leesburg, VA (Northern VA) and would love to attend. We've got some really nice libraries here in Loudoun County that have meeting rooms, with A/V equipment. They are also close to restaurants, may be ideal. Either way would be good. Some tried before, it just didn't work out. Some topics for discussions that I think would be fun are: Spline basics Simple Rigging Game Development with A:M VA group short film project For me I would like to have it in Northern VA, but I used to live in VA Beach, so I got friends down there I could go visit if it's there also.
  3. Great work! I have a critique, I would agree with robcat2075 I would loosen his arms slightly with each step. Also, I would hold the pose of his sadness just a little longer for the audience to read, and then his run. That may give a little more time for build up before he bursts into the run. All in all, excellent work. Bravo...Bravo. peace, dingo
  4. dingo

    Photon Room

    Hey Yves, This may be a dumb question but: How did you determine to use 25 render passes? Instead of 10 or 100? Why was 25 the sweetspot for these renders? Or was it? Peace, dingo
  5. It's funny you mention that. In the original story he was in a bathtub. Don't want to give to much away.
  6. Yep modelled his clothes separate, back then I tried using muscle motion to eliminate some the pass through, then also made a seperate model, that had his skin surface as different colors so if it passed through in thos problem areas it wouldn't show. Here's an example of that. With CP weights I should be able to eliminate that, but I would really like to figure out how to do the cloth sim and get good settings. The other big thing for me was back then there were no dynamic bones, if you wanted dynamic bones you had to add individual springs and create a spring system. I was always retarded with the spring systems. So can't wait to put dynamic constraint bones in his tuxedo tail. Here is a clip of a test that I had done testing the cloth on his sleeve. You'll notice the area of his arm is black, I was anticipating that it would be a problem pass through area. sleevetest.mov
  7. Oooo I like his eyes. Good Job.
  8. I think that's the first thing I'm gonna redo is his hair. Then I'm gonna move on to trying to re-rig his bones. And weight his control points. Back then I remember Hash Cloth had just went into effect so I had the notion of modelling his clothes separately. I had some different tests but the cloth was always too loose, so that's something I have to consider if I want try that again with cloth. After watching the boss in Incredibles, I think I may try Hash cloth again if I can get it to react correctly. Maybe add a crease in his pant legs also(thinking out loud). Here are a few quick-shades to show his splinage.
  9. Howdy folks, I decided to revive an old short that I was working on back in 2000 at least that's the oldest renders I found, I think I started it earlier. With some of the new features in A:M I think it will be easier to accomplish some things. Such as CP Weights, Dynamic Bones, etc. Plus it will help me to get into practice with some of A:M's new features before doing a bigger project. Anyways here are a couple screen shots and a little pose test anim I did back then. Hopefully I can stay motivated and get it done this time. testing_pose_slip.mov
  10. Good work Doug. Like the 2d rendering. In regards the landing, I like the way you have the ship "slow in" to touch down. But I would add more smoke as the ship gets closer to the ground, and decrease it's death rate. So let the smoke continue until the ship is fully resting on the ground, and maybe even a second after that til you 'shut the engine off' sort of speak. It would actually take more thrust to slow the ship down like that, so showing more thrust may enhance the animation of the ship. Peace, dingo
  11. You don't have to worry too much about the sluggishness, because you can turn off the "fur" rendering while animating, and only turn it on for final rendering. Just remember that the fur will make your character "poofier" when animating your naked model.(guess that depends on how "flat" you make the hair). I think it would be cool to see the bird animated with some of the new fur features. Peace, dingo
  12. Hey, that looks pretty good! Keep going and put the "coin slot" in there. Would make a good rapid prototype.
  13. I like WITH toon lines. The way you have done the toon lines are very nice and subtle, not gratuitous. I think they add a little flavor. Like adding a little salt to a meal. In this case I say keep the lines, they look good to me.
  14. Great work Raf. I have only one critique. I think you could push the squash and stretch of his whole form a lot more. I see the anticipation and follow thru on his actions. I think his character would dictate you could do a lot squash and stretch. Maybe even using distortion boxes. I think adding that would make his form seem more fluid. Again, just a critique. In regards movie one where he flips the sword. One big thing that I notice is there is not much time to register it. Maybe have him hold for a second after he jumps up onto the pedestal so we can "read" that, then let him do the "sword flip/toss". On the second one, I can't "read" that he actually cuts the rope, maybe some type of anticipation shot or movement. That cut seems to happen too fast.
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