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  1. I want to thank everyone for their help. I bit the bullet and upgraded to a new video card, and bought some more memory. Wow!!! What a difference!!!! I love this program again!! All my problems are solved now. No more wierdness in animating. The renders are fast!!! What was taking me 12 hours to render is now rendering in 10 minutes. WOW!! BTW. I went ahead and did a color key in After effects that looked pretty good. I will surely do the alpha key next time, as I imagine the quality would be better and easier too. I have been working on this program for so long, and am finally getting it to work like I want it to. I have to say this a big moment for me. Thanks again!!!! I am ANIMATING!!!
  2. Wow! I really am impressed with the help I am getting. I would imagine you guys have answered my questions. I won't know for sure until I get home and test this stuff out. My thoughts on After Effects were that I would do a color key and key out the green. This may not work for cg renders as I have not tried it that way yet. Is there a tutorial on keying alpha somewhere I could go over? Hate to ask too many questions. I was referring to multiplane. I don't think that is in the newer versions of A:M. NOt sure though. I can't find the menu for compositing in A:M. I really do appreciate the help. This is great.
  3. Wow! Fast response! Thanks!!! I tried adjusting the length of the cycle in the workspace, it does not seem to make a difference. I am not at a computer with AM on it right now or I would be more precise with my terminology. When I right click on the walk action menu in project workspace it gives me different options such as cache, time based, and a few other options. What should my setting be there? As far as the multiple models appearing on the timeline, I am not sure if I have checked the onion skin option. I will surely check on that when I get home. This only happens pre render. On the final rendered version they are gone. It does tend to clog up the scene making it nearly impossible to fine tune my actions. Since I have your attention. I am considering green screening my models, and outputting them to after effects and doing compositing in there, to save render time. Is this a good way to save some render time. Also is there any way to render multiple scenes at one time? My old book on Animation Master talks about a compositing option in AM. I don't see that option listed anywhere on the newer version of Anim. Master. Was this phased out?
  4. I am really making headway with this program. After many months of frustration, I am finally making this program work for me. I still have a couple issues with my animations. I know this must be such an easy fix, and is something that is very basic, but I am having alot of troube with it. I want a 5 second walk cycle. I can only get my actor to walk for 1 second. Isn't there a way to make the cycle loop? I can get other models to do it, but for some reason this one does not. I have checked the manual and can't seem to find an answer for the problem. Is there a certain place on the timeline in which I drop the walk cycle? Is there a setting I need to change? Problem 2. When I move my models around on the timeline, I automatically see multiple copies of my models appear in the window. Any reason for this? I think it is a setting. I thank you for any help I can get towards these problems.
  5. WoW! I have not checked here in a few weeks and look at all the progress we have made. Please include me in your plans. I would really appreciate a chance to get together and discuss this program. Like I said earlier I live in Harrisonburg, but am willing to travel. This is getting exciting!!
  6. I have alot of training DVD's and books, as well as the setup machine. These are great but I really think if I could talk to someone in person about the program it would really get me going. I agree that a user group in Virginia would be fantastic. my e-mail is lillypalooza@aol.com Drop me a line and perhaps we will just start a Virginia user group ourselves.
  7. I have to be honest I pretty much suck at this program. The actual animatiing comes easy to me as everything is basically keyframed. The modeling though giving me fits. I did recently make my first good head. lol. I am not sure how much you could learn from me as I am basically a novice. However, If you have any interest in other programs I could probably help you out. On the other hand it sounds like you could show me alot as far as modeling goes with AM. My schedule is really crazy as we have a newborn baby that requires alot of attention. I could probably find a day to sneak up to Virginia Beach for a couple hours at least.
  8. I live in the HArrisonburg Staunton area. That is a ways from you. I would however not be adverse to travelling. I work at the local PBS station as a producer/ director.I have alot of experience in After Effects and Motion and have been trying to use Animation Master to compliment our promos and interstitials. I have been working with Animation Master for more than a year now. It seems like I make some progress and then take a step backwards.I know that if I could just talk with someone and watch them use the program for a few minutes, I would feel more comfortable with the program. Do you guys have much experience with the program? it would be great to get a group together to discuss the program.
  9. I am new to animation master, and was wondering if there was a group in Virginia I could get into contact with?
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