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    All the Arts, Music (Guitars Acc & Ele, midi keys) Read/Write/Compose all forms of music. 3D Graphics and Cadd (Vector Works)<br />Day Job; Contractor & Mechanic In Building Trades 40 yrs.<br />Mostly Painting & Wallpapering & some Faux Painting Now too. Retired Contractor
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    iMac(2017) 3.4 MGz CPU, HighSierra 10.13.6 RadeonPro 4.gig Ram
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  1. Thank You Robert. I hope the rains down that way have not affected you too badly. So how long has it been since he has a Mac? I used to check in from time to time but I guess I missed that. Nothing in the store about compatibility, it seems. I will scan the forums and see how it is developing. Perhaps I will get back to splining soon. PS; Is there a Mac Trial possibility?
  2. At the risk of nobody will see this. Perhaps I should start a new thread. Can I assume that v19 will run on my new iMac with OSX High Sierra (10.13.6) has Yoda really got a Mac now?
  3. Wow Rob, this is so interesting and helpful… but... (Perhaps, I am doing something wrong) but, when I download the Prj.zip file , all I get is a "BlueHorizon.tga" picture file and no project file.
  4. Have you tried that Mac trick/work-around, where you click on the desktop and then return to the search window to get access ?
  5. When I said, "Reminds me (edit;"of") that sci-fi movie that had Robbie? the Robot and the Krell ?", I was referring more to the electronic audio affects used in the film, in the general sense, not that it was actually used in the film. Yes, the Wiki does detail the actual methods used, quite nicely. Right, no theremin, but for a movie out of the 50's, when I first saw it, I recall how greatly I was impressed by the electronic audio effects, and "the Barrons' electronic composition is credited with being the first completely electronic film score." (wiki) At that time, I didn't e
  6. Reminds me that sci-fi movie that had Robbie? the Robot and the Krell ? Now, what was that movie ?
  7. Yes indeed, a wealth of A:M information. I should think a link to this should be made prominently available in the New Users Forum. Thanks Robert.
  8. Well, in reference to… "something you'd like to see figured out and explained"… A nice 'step by step' showing how to combine one's own digital footage on an A:M background, and/or the inverse, of an animated A:M model appearing in ones' own digital (photo?) background. I know this has been presented before, but the examples are few and far between.
  9. I very often get this too, when first applying a decal. Actually this is with v18.0, I have not d'loaded 18.0a yet. It's like old clipboard garbage, with signs of something else I was working on before in there. Although, there are times when it does not happen at all. Yes, they always seem to render properly, so I never mentioned it before, but it is annoying. Might just be a 'Mac thing'. Not necessarily an A:M / Mac thing but a Mac / Mac thing, and the way it keeps the clipboard memory clean? Just an un-educated guess, mind you. The decal here is a JupiterMap
  10. Wow, this 3D Printing technology is really getting good !! Do you get to charge these guys rent ??? … hehe Seriously, Nicely done, four part harmony, I presume. Very cool home video production.
  11. I guess Santa-Lion will be looking forward to a nice Christmas dinner of Leg of wildebeest (GNU) ? !!!
  12. Hmm.. I don't recall seeing this before. In keyboards commands we have the letter "Y" which inserts a CP, but now there is a "Shift Y" and it says for "Insert mass" ! What is this ? I tried using it but it seems to do nothing ??? Anybody ?
  13. Thanks Rob, it's OK now. I realized what was happening. Actually, I was not missing any renders at all. Subsequent renders with the same file/path name just silently 'over-wrote' the previous final render, without any usual dialog (like "Replace File ? etc.). I only realized this after noticing the File Info - Time, had changed. I don't do too many final renders lately, so i'm still in the learning curve somewhere here.
  14. I was doing some final renders with my 'Holidays Image Contest' file and after 1 or 2 first tries I happened to notice a place in the camera properties where the file path and other parameters can be entered, so I tried it. I admit, I probably should have just left these alone, because after I entered the current final render parameters, suddenly, I could not get any out put from the final render anymore. I managed to re-enter the original parameters in there and it allowed me to resume my final render tests ok. When is the proper time, if ever, to enter any info into this are
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