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    To be able to produce :30/:60 PSAs for the Army.
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    To be able to win DoD level competition for animation.
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    To bring my ideas to life in a fun and entertaining way.
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  1. I've updated to v19.0f. Every time I try to create a new action, it quits.
  2. I finally got back into A:M. I originally got the program back in 2001. I was never very successful with it because I am not an artist or animator. It just seemed so overwhelming. Then in 2005 I got a civilian job with the Army as a broadcast producer. I am always trying to improve my skills, but it usually ends up being self taught. In 2006, I pulled out my AM program and started teaching myself how to use it. I was able to create a nice little logo for a news program I was doing. That accomplishment always stuck with me. But, job priorities and work load didn't allow me to spend the
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