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    To be able to produce :30/:60 PSAs for the Army.
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    To be able to win DoD level competition for animation.
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    To bring my ideas to life in a fun and entertaining way.
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  1. I've updated to v19.0f. Every time I try to create a new action, it quits.
  2. I finally got back into A:M. I originally got the program back in 2001. I was never very successful with it because I am not an artist or animator. It just seemed so overwhelming. Then in 2005 I got a civilian job with the Army as a broadcast producer. I am always trying to improve my skills, but it usually ends up being self taught. In 2006, I pulled out my AM program and started teaching myself how to use it. I was able to create a nice little logo for a news program I was doing. That accomplishment always stuck with me. But, job priorities and work load didn't allow me to spend the time I needed to develop any more skills. Time went by and my skills grew. I learned more about key frames and animation through my normal day to day workflow. Finally, I switched NLEs from AVID to Adobe. Now, with the latest Adobe CC and their Character Animator program, I am back into learning how to animate. I used Adobe Character Animator to animate a PSA for our recycling program. This first attempt at animating won first place in the animation category for the US Army competition. That REALLY sparked my interest in upping my game. So, here I am 17 years later. Starting over and having to learn everything. My excitement is high. And what I've practiced so far is a lot easier than I remember learning the first time around. All this because I was successful at one little 7 second animation sequence created with Animation Master bought almost 18 years ago. Wish me luck! Limelight Logo - YouTube.MP4
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