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  1. You won't need to uninstall, just delete the .lic file located in your master folder. It will most likely be named master0.lic You can verify your expiration date by examining the contents of the file. If you have not yet expired you can also see this info in the "About Box" of Animation:Master. As stated in the threads above, just purchase a new "Subscription" from the web store and use the new activation code after you have removed your old .lic file. (Vista users may need to do the following to access the file) Browse to your Master folder using the explorer/file browser, and select the "Compatiblity Files" button in the tool bar. Vista places these "generated" files in a safe jail area and normally appear hidden
  2. New version now available: 15.0a+ http://wiki.hash.com/index.php/WebRender
  3. Sorry the last few installers were missing these on the PC. PRESETS.zip just unzip and drop these in your installed folder. Oh, I know that, but what I am missing is the presets (Final, Preview...), they are not there? I know I can make some, but as a newbie they where nice to have My bad!
  4. Ok lets give this version a try. The one I put out before would work in debug build, but not in the release installer that I published. New version is up: http://wiki.hash.com/index.php/WebRender Will
  5. New version is up: http://wiki.hash.com/index.php/WebRender Will
  6. WillP

    Ongoing Renders

    That will be able to be changed in the next rev. Will
  7. WillP

    Ongoing Renders

    Making a few changes and fixes. During testing I add and remove people from rendering. So you wont always be rendering even though you are connected.
  8. WillP

    Ongoing Renders

    1Gig ram vs 2.... At this time "Thread" should be set to 1. Will
  9. Yep, thats what I tried to say.. You can enable/disable from a taskbar icon. Also if you close the rendering app, it puts into a disabled state until you reactivate from the tool bar. Will
  10. New version now available: http://wiki.hash.com/index.php/WebRender
  11. WillP

    Ongoing Renders

    After the 11/5 build they are auto uploaded. The local rendering folder isn't cleaned up currently so you will have to clean the directory up when you get low on space.
  12. This thread may help thread
  13. Hi, Looking for a few folks with a decent broadband connection to give our rendering client a quick test. You won't require the SVN TWO tree or any SVN client, but will need a few hundred meg of free HD space. At this time it would be best if you currently don't have our NetRender client installed and operating. email me willp @ hash.com and I'll get you setup with an installer.
  14. WillP

    Ongoing Renders

  15. The original port I was using may be blocked by some firewalls. Try this url without any specific port. http://project.hash.com/movie/svn/active/
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