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  1. Weapons test! http://s88.photobucket.com/albums/k163/NEK...ent=weapons.flv
  2. I just checked it out myself, and I like how you're doing this so far. I'll see if I can create an attack pass myself with this sometime soon.
  3. Very nice looking phaser effect there... The light right at the hull of the ship adds some realism there. The glow looks like it's coming from the red and the yellow sections of the beam... I'm wondering if the red glow can be turned off so make the beam seem more fuzzy? Also, keep in mind only a small portion of ships will be able to use the saucer wrap around phaser look from TNG, most of the ships at wolf 359 have singular turrets and fire more like the Enterprise 1701 and A in the movies. I need to show this to our director at some point... He's gonna want to see this.
  4. Well, lets not worry about it.. Unless someone else posts up with a solution, I would say just use the Galaxy class ship you have as is... I'm sure you can make the weapons look just as spiffy with what you have. If you *really* want to try another model I can toss up one of the Excelsiors, but that one is render heavy even without any decals. Or I can give you the only v12 model I have made... the cube. You can at least leave the piping off and only render the interior portion.
  5. If you've got version 13 installed and that's not opening it, then I couldn't tell you what could be the problem. I seriously doubt updates to v13 would affect the opening of a model... I have version 13.0q installed. Anybody else have any problems opening up that Oberth model? Okay, lets try another model: Here is the re-vamped mesh of the U.S.S. Gage: USS_Gage.zip
  6. Okay, I have no clue why it would do that... Opens just fine for me... It was made in version 13... If your version is earlier, then it won't work. If your version is later... I have no clue what could be the problem. The models that have been built are either version 12 or 13.
  7. Oh, sure... have the Oberth to play with.... Oberth.zip When it asks for images, choose cancel. They are only the rotoscope images I used.
  8. The Oberth modeling is now complete. Not entirely sure what I'm going to work on next... Maybe I'll take a little break from Trek and work some more on models for my own personal use... I have been wanting to get some rendering done on my comic idea for a long time... I just need to make/convert the models required to start.
  9. Thank you! I did actually notice your Galaxy class model, and while we have no use for a galaxy class, we do have use for the parts for other ships that were kitbashes... like the Nebula class ships for example... Yeah, no kidding, huh? But hey, this will certainly make me learn how to do those *really* well. Thank you, also!
  10. Sweet dude... thank you for the help! As for me, I've been busy this weekend. I finally got some decent time all to myself with very few distractions, so what did I do? Model! I have finished the Excelsior Heavy Cruiser class: And got a whole metric schwackload of work done on an Oberth class ship: Once the Oberth is done, we will have models for 12 of the 43 required ships completed (modeling wise anyway). ~25% complete baby!
  11. Photon and Phasers as well as the Borg beam weapons will probably all be rendered in the choreography along with the ships, rather than added in later. That being said, we still need these items built, and in the case of the photons and borg beam, animated. If you are willing to work on those, then you are most welcome. We will need the following: Phaser Photon Torpedo Borg tractor beam Borg cutting beam Borg Torpedo Klingon Tractor beam Klingon Disruptor
  12. Thank you both very much. I myself am *very* happy with the cube, and I was just floored to hear you both say that it's even better than the TV show's version. And yes, I'm deffinatly not mucking around with this thing anymore. It is done, done, and DONE! XD
  13. Well, all this time has been spent getting the cube to look *really* good. And while it's not 100% true to the model (no random pipe placements at angles) it's darn close enough for us to say that it is done. -Major changes since the last version shown: -Extra details added to certain panels that were raised a bit more above the piping. -Each side complexity on the box portion had been quadrupled. -There no longer is a light in the center of the cube. The illusion of lighting is created by an ambiance setting, and a complex decal to make it uneven. -Increased the complexity of t
  14. That one looks like it's from First Contact... That's not the original borg cube. The original looks like this: They quite literally took a bunch of the scrap from plastic models and glued them over a frosted cube shape with a lightbulb inside. They did made a nicer looking cube for Emisary and may have made a new one for best of both worlds, but pretty much made it them same way as the first one.
  15. So very very true. And as I recently noticed, there are pipes that go in random directions as well. And the blocking is getting a bunch more added around the corners so a few more closer to the surface won't hurt. Heck some of the exsisting ones can be brought out further... This shall be added to the list of things to do! Thanks!
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