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  1. Thanks, Rob! I actually figured it out. I had forgotten that flat-shaded surfaces don't receive ray-traced shadows. I had to change my sun to a klieg light and set it up for z-buffer shadows. -Vance
  2. I am having some trouble trying to get this working. When I make the ground not be flat shaded, it receives shadows fine (from a key light and a sun), but the color of the projection is off. When I make the ground be flat shaded, it does not receive shadows, even though "receive shadows" is enabled in its properties. Any hints? Thanks! -Vance
  3. Hi Jason, thanks for all the good work! I wanted to let you know, I'm getting an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when I try to search the forums, either from the quick search or the advanced search. I don't get an error when I search members or help. Also, every time I try to push a "Like This" button on a post, it tells me "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day", even though I've never done one successfully. Neither of these is critical, but I thought you'd want to know about them so you can put them on your list. -Vance
  4. Imagination Technologies has come out with a couple of real-time raytrace graphics cards including the Caustic R2500. They are a bit expensive at the moment, but I expect they will come down over time. Is there any interest at Hash in adding support for these in the future? It would provide a great capability for previewing animations. You can read about them here: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/01/she...y-tracing-card/ -Vance
  5. Congratulations on getting V17 out! Any chance of getting a summary of what's new in V17? -Vance
  6. I was recommending to a buddy of mine that he should add motion blur to an animation he had done. It's really easy to do in A:M, but more work in the funky setup he uses. He wanted to understand the benefit, so I did this short demonstration video, which you can see at the link below. Enjoy! High Def Motion Blur Demonstration Video -Vance
  7. Thanks, guys! That's much easier. The utility forum sounds like a good idea. -Vance
  8. As you may have noticed, some tools (Adobe Premiere, for instance) don't like the A:M file sequence numbering convention, so they have difficulty importing a complete file sequence generated in A:M. (They really should have an option for this convention.) A:M numbers files myfile0.tga, myfile1.tga ... myfile100.tga while Premiere wants them to be myfile000.tga, myfile001.tga ... myfile100.tga. I wrote a Windows application that makes renumbering files pretty easy, which I am releasing as freeware. It requires the .NET 3.5 runtime, which you may already have on your machine. As often happens with .NET, the executable file is small. You can find it here: File Sequence Renumber Application Enjoy! Let me know if you encounter any problems, but I'm not expecting to add features or do a Mac port. (I need to get back to animating!) It would be great to know whether it runs under Mono (open source .NET for Mac, Unix, etc.) -Vance
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