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  1. No problem to import bones into AnimationMaster (v12) for a while now : use the LWO import plugin made by Masashi Watabnabe, plugin you can find : here You obviously must get a lwo exporter for MAX or a 3D file converter app. Hope this help. Best regards, Alain
  2. Lot of thoughts and condolences to you. Respects for the amount of work he made. He won't be forgotten. From France, Dr Alain RIEGER
  3. Hello everybody, I'm testing a lot the differents options for a professionnal work with a lot of animations (surgical techniques). I follow this topic with attention, and I have 2 very important questions : Q1 : Under the Multipass subTab on the Rendering Settings Panel, what is the action of SOFTEN ? (the online manual is not clear for me) I made some tests and set soften ON : it increase A LOT the rendering time with no real difference (to my eyes) vs soften set OFF. Here are my settings : Export EXR in D1-PAL Buffers : alpha ON lights ON each light on its layer Render FINAL Multipass : 25 , Soften OFF ... then ON to get a comparison. Motion Blur : 100 % Q2 : what is the incidence of the Motion Blur percentage in this Dynamic Light Rig ? Q2a : Considering I have a STATIC scene with a flying camera. Q2b : Does the reply be the same if some elements in the scene have movements ? Q2c : what is the consequence on the rendering as MotionBlur percentage decrease ? (I just notice that if No Motion is set, this Dynamic Light Rig does not work). Many thanks for the replies. Alain
  4. Hello, We are testing a lot for production, the RealmForge suite based on Axiom game engine for .Net environnement. Is there any studio here that have some experience in RealmForge ? One of the best featured I've ever seen. Under LGPL licence. And seems to work on Mac (!) RealmForge website Thanks, Alain
  5. Hello I'm a bit surprized by the opposition almost everyone make between Polygons and Splines. We indeed know that reducing the definition level of AM's reatime display gives a model that looks like Polygons. The .mdl file structure is therefore made of points, patches (succession of points that could be considered as polygons) and, yes, another item : spline continuity. Many new game engines now take into account the Normal Mapping technique that is supported by the new GPU on graphic card boards. Everybody knows that Normal Mapping adds details onto a low polygonal model, like a one polygon per patch exported model from AM. MDL model and Polygonal model have same numbers of points, same numbers of patches/polygons but the smoothness is done by spline for the first and by normal mapping for the second. It appears to me quite the same thing, unless I'm wrong in detail I'd be pleased to discuss (in the limits of my knowledge). About 'the ploygons as a fatal and final common way to hardware GraphicsCards' : If I'm not wrong, DirectX in its v9.x edition (I do not remember the right sub-number x) supports Catmull-rom splines algorithm. I don't know if these splines can be turned into some kind of Catmull-Rom surfaces and if new graphics cards support the algorithm but that is an actual serious way to consider Have a good day From France, Alain
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