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  1. Hello If your mesh was made for static representation (Stills) I think it is quite enough. But for animation, you will certainly encounter some problems due to some mistakes in several spline segments orientation. Explanations here : Though scientifically not exact, maybe could you find some information in the Andre LOOMIS books, as this website point to :weblink Hope this help Alain
  2. Hello everybody, I'm testing a lot the differents options for a professionnal work with a lot of animations (surgical techniques). I follow this topic with attention, and I have 2 very important questions : Q1 : Under the Multipass subTab on the Rendering Settings Panel, what is the action of SOFTEN ? (the online manual is not clear for me) I made some tests and set soften ON : it increase A LOT the rendering time with no real difference (to my eyes) vs soften set OFF. Here are my settings : Export EXR in D1-PAL Buffers : alpha ON lights ON each light on its layer Render FINAL Multipass : 25 , Soften OFF ... then ON to get a comparison. Motion Blur : 100 % Q2 : what is the incidence of the Motion Blur percentage in this Dynamic Light Rig ? Q2a : Considering I have a STATIC scene with a flying camera. Q2b : Does the reply be the same if some elements in the scene have movements ? Q2c : what is the consequence on the rendering as MotionBlur percentage decrease ? (I just notice that if No Motion is set, this Dynamic Light Rig does not work). Many thanks for the replies. Alain
  3. What a shame Booleans cannot automatically make such usefull geometry ! Thanks a lot for your quick reply Alain
  4. As psyborg wrote, I'm very interested in the ways to get these results with booleans ! Should it be possible to have a short step by step ? By chance, do these features work in v11.1 ? thanks a lot regards, alain
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