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  1. Now that Anzovin no longer maintains and updates The Setup Machine, is there any possibility of Hash Inc. getting permission to include it in Animation:Master and taking over the job of supporting the software as an up to date plugin? It seems like a perfect addition to the One Artist Studio. :-)
  2. Nice! Now at some point we can have an updated version of 2001, such as what they did recently with TOS Star Trek. :-) Although, the original movie effects are still very effective. Also, are you moving the camera to make the ship look like it's moving? Or have you grouped the instances together and then moved them?
  3. I simply must know the total patch count. :-) Also, from one high patch modeler to another, I'm exceedingly jealous. Keep up the good work! P.S. how do you maintain such well behaved curved mechanical surfaces? Whenever I try to introduce lots of modeled details, the spherical mech surfaces invariably go wonky and no amount of bias adjustments can seem to fix them. P.P.S I'm looking at your wireframe for the sphere module and some of those little panel details looks like they're a bit more than five point patches... however the max possible is five point. I imagine I'm missing something in the translation.
  4. nyahkitty


    I've noticed that too, think I'll have to dust off my copy of A:M and render something for the gallery. :-)
  5. Imagine what would happen if the Hash team unleashed The Wannabe Way upon the beginning User Manual that comes with the CD. I think that would help a great deal.
  6. Try a search for past solutions on the forum or offsite Hash A:M resources. Also, you could model the bulk of a wave with geometry and use sprites for the spray and mist in the air. Texture it to look like ocean water, perhaps even with foam on top. Also, check some reference photo's and footage to see what are the separate elements of an ocean wave.
  7. I originally just wanted to see what could be done with one of my old designs. And in building this model, I've done enough work to make it look good from this angle. If I were to do more images or even animations, I'd have to refine it just a little bit more. However the idea is ... intriguing. I'll keep you posted.
  8. Wow! New approach to an old idea. This.... has potential. What would happen if you made those particles go faster? And then, can the Star Trek II gattling phasers be done this way? This is cool.
  9. I'm upgraded to A:M 2007 now. Could you email me the Queen MDL again, please? It seems that I lost most of my email, including the MDL you sent me a while ago. Thanks!
  10. Finally it's done. I upgraded to the A:M 2007 subscription and was able to use the bump map as a displacement map, with fine detail. So here is the FTL Prototype in all it's glory:
  11. 100,000... patches....?! ....droooooool......
  12. Yes, decidely different. Now who else wants to take a crack at making up something totally creative? We could all have a lot of fun trying this.
  13. The models look just right. Good job. There's such a thing as speed modeling? How do you do that? I tend to take my time. I imagine modeling every day sort of makes you get used to it and then no lag.
  14. The captain is looking good so far. The only thing I did notice might be that there is a little bit of pinching at the 4 corners of the mouth. This is more noticable in the front view and the angled view. Unless this detail is intentional, in which case please disregard. You're doing great!
  15. If you're focusing on honing your animation skills with the basics, then one suggestion I would make is to not have any materials on the model. That way it's easier to see what is happening to the shape of the ball. As far as the motion of ball is concerned, that looks nifty, like it has a life of it's own. If you're trying to get it to animate in a specific way, then it will also help to state what goal you're trying to reach with this particular animation. Then we know what observations to make in order to help you reach that goal. Tell us what you're trying to do with the ball and we'll tell you when you're getting closer. I do like that the file size of the video is relatively small.
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