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  1. Thanks Matt, The latest version I used was the v15.0 (web subscription). I imagine A:M v17.0 is better and faster now. For the contest I used my old CD with A:M v14.0c, the rendering time was long !
  2. It was a long time i didn't work with A:M. I enjoyed to use patch-based modeling and and participate in this contest.
  3. Hi robcat2075, Since last years I don't make lot of 3D. I must resume but I think I missed a lot with A:M. It will take some time for make some good models and animations !

  4. Hey Fabrice, I saw your name on the forum today, we've been trying to track you down for years!

    Don't be a stranger!

  5. Again a fantastic model ! Great work, Stian !!!
  6. Wow! very impressive. Great work, Marcos!
  7. Incredible work ! Stian. It's really a masterpiece.
  8. Great work, Marcos !!! I am impressed by the modeling.
  9. Fab


    Wow !!! it's incredible. Fantastic work!
  10. Fab

    Project "KM Bismarck"

    Incredible !!! I never saw such a complex object. Fantastic work, Stian !
  11. Thank you very much, Martin
  12. There is a great tutorial for Ambiance Occlusion Image and Based Lighting here : http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19774 Thank you Yves for that. Greg: For made eyes, I use simple sphere with 70% of reflectivity. There is a big sphere around the scene. I applied the projection pluggin with a "probe" map (see webpage of Paul Debevec) thus you see the reflexions in the eyes.
  13. Ok, I see It's not a hat this is two horns or something of similar. And yes, I need to improve the ends. You can see more explanations of this character here : http://www.starwars.com/databank/character/shaakti/ PS: I use a lot Google translation also
  14. Thanks for your comments oakchas: I don't understand what you say, I'm sorry my english isn't good. If you speak about clothing, it looks like a tunic/robe.
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